Can't Gain Weight

by Luke B
(Australia, QLD)

Question: How to gain weight while doing 35 to 60hrs per week of hard cardio?

Hi my name's Luke. I've been finding it hard to get info that's useful cause the gyms don't understand.

I do contract farm work (fruit picking)(tomatoes) the faster you go, the higher your money...

I have pasta, 1 egg, a little veg and pork or chicken for brekky, and a (coffee?)

Then about 1.5 to 2hrs after I start work, I take Musashi bulk mass and Musashi high protein mix, about 2scoops each with water. 1hr after, more pasta, egg, ect.

Then work again 1.5hrs later another shake eat again and back to work.

Dinner is similar but larger and a Bulk mass b4 the little chin up workout b4 bed.

Also... I take Endura magnesium re-hydration formula because of the 6 to 10hrs straight of constant sweating and cramps in my back and legs (in the sun 25 to 35+ deg) on an average hot day I can lose up to 2.5kg just in body fluid.

I'm 72kg with next to no fat at all. How can I hold onto muscle and not burn it away all the time? Or is it impossible for my type of job?

Answer: Not necessarily impossible to hold onto muscle, but certainly tough with your line of work.

Your line of work requires a lot of physical labor, and you're burning off more calories than what you want to be... Which is making it hard for you to maintain weight, or even build...

Well, a simple measure would be to snack on calorie dense foods, like nuts, dried fruits...

During the day while working, you'll have easy access to these types of foods, because you could put everything into a baggy, and munch as you go...

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