Carbohydrates Food List
Choosing Your Carbohydrates Wisely

Carbohydrates vary in many different forms and food choices. On this page, we'll narrow down the food choices that are the most beneficial for anyone looking to repair and build their muscles.

Carbs are usually categorized by their glycemic index, and all this means is the effects on your blood sugar. To know more about the glycemic index, go here, then come back for more information.

By this list, you'll automatically be eating the right foods, and won't have to know much about the glycemic index.

Eat the carbohydrates on this list, and you'll be all set.


Side Note:The only time you shoulder ever eat high sugar foods, is after a workout. Only after a workout.

The post workout nutrition page will explain this in better detail..

Don't feel limited by this list, just use it as a guide to make better food choices.

Everything on this list is Low Glycemic.

Whole Wheat Bread Whole Wheat Pasta Long Grain Brown Rice Wild Rice Oats Rye Black Beans Pinto Beans Red Beans Oranges Apples Pineapple Pears Grapefruit Kiwi Strawberry Blueberry Blackberry Raspberry Peach Plum Tomatoes Olives Mushrooms Celery Broccoli Cauliflower Radish Cucumber Lettuce Spinach Peppers Onion Cabbage Peas Yams

Now, there's obviously more low glycemic Carbohydrate food choices out there than just this.

Use this as a starter guide. Keep in mind, you can still eat your favorite foods like, spaghetti, pizza, tacos, etc...

The one thing that's recommended, is for you to make your own food, and to NOT buy it from fast food restaurants.

If you use all natural ingredients, and use some of the food choices listed above, there's no reason why you can't create your favorite food choices and make them healthy.

For example: Pizza. What is pizza typically made out of? Lets see.. Tomatoes, Wheat, Dairy, Protein sources, Vegetables...

As you can see, there really are NO bad ingredients.What makes pizza bad for you, is HOW IT'S COOKED OR PREPARED.

When restaurants make Pizza, they use terrible oils, they use high glycemic bread, they use large amounts of sugars, salts, fats... and the reality is, is that you can make pizza taste just as good with healthier ingredients, made at home.

They use unhealthy ingredients because it's cheaper, and they want to save money.

You want to build muscle right? Make your own food!

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