Cardio On Rest Days?

by Dezy


I'm 25, been working out for about 4 years... I have an average body type. I do weight training 1 to 1/2-2 hours per day. Every second day I do cardio.

I want to build mass, the whole package, size, strength, shape.

Current supplements that I take:
Usana vitamins and minerals and 3 whey pro shakes a day.

I train main muscles once a week.
E.g below:

Biceps + Traps.
Triceps + Chest.
Shoulders + Lats.

I always trained to be lean and fit as boxing is my passion and hobby. Now I am training to gain mass. I built my own gym and started on this mission just over 2 weeks ago.

My diet consists of:
6 eggs. 8.30am
Bowl alpen or porridge 9.30am
Pro shake 11.30am.
Fillet of meat + salad 1pm.
2 crackers + cottage cheese 3pm
A handful almonds + Fruit + Yoghurt 5pm.
Pro shake 7pm.
Train 7.30pm.
Pro shake + fillet meat + pasta or rice or potato + veg 9.30pm

I train 2 muscle groups as above every second day with cardio every other day. (jog, core, padwork etc.)

Since I have started over 2 weeks ago, I have gained 8 pounds and my chest n back have gotten noticeably bigger. I don't think I am getting the gains I could be.

Is it wrong that I do cardio every second day?

Should I be just purely resting for this day?

Is my diet good for gaining mass?

What protein is best for mass + muscle gaining?

As I'm training for mass, I do my sets:

1st set warm up 8 reps.

2 + 3rd set 6 reps.

4th +
5th + 6th set 4 reps or to fail. Is this best way to gain mass?

Started training about 4 years ago.

Only really trained for fitness and to be lean. Didn't really know much about health, nutrition, diet, weight training...

About 2 years ago, started lifting, but again for lean muscle and not mass.

In the last year I have really got into educating myself on fitness training diet, nutrition, strength conditioning.

It really is a big part of my life now and have achieved some personal goals along the way.
I am now 25, 150 pounds, 5'6, and am starting training for some big mass.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: Okay here's some things to work on:

1. 1/2-2 hours per day is too much. 30 to 60 minutes is plenty.

2. Cardio is fine to do every other day, especially if you want to keep fat levels low. And on the days you don't want to do cardio, go for a walk.

3. Your diet looks like you're getting variety. Just make sure you're getting protein carbs and fat in each meal. It's all about balance.

4. The best protein to consume is: 100% whey protein isolate, and eggs.

5. You're doing way to many sets per exercise. If you want to gain more mass, do only a few sets. Most people get the best results by doing anywhere between 1 and 3 sets per exercise. More isn't necessarily better when it comes to mass.

6. Use a rep range between 8 and 12, and be sure to use strict form.

7. Go to our workout routine section. There are several workouts to choose from.

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