Cardio Weight Lifting Tips

Cardio weight lifting tips. Common questions about mixing cardio with weight training. Muscle building and cardio tips for weight lifting!

Q: Will I lose muscle if I do cardio? Cardio weight lifting tip for muscle loss..

A: No. Losing muscle only occurs as a result of food deprivation and in combination with high level activity. Meaning, eating too little, and moving a lot. You typically see muscle loss from people with a faster metabolism, who are already skinny (ectomorph body type) and have a hard time gaining weight.

Q: What are some good cardio exercises?

A: Well there's jogging, biking, swimming, a variety of sports, fast pace walking... You can also achieve a cardiovascular workout with weight lifting. The trick with weight lifting is to do your workout sets back to back with minimum rests... If you jump into one exercise to the next (also known as super-sets), you will be sure to keep your heart rate elevated enough for it to be a good cardiovascular workout.

Q: How long should I wait to workout after I've eaten?

A: You should wait at least an hour to do your cardio workout after you've eaten, otherwise you may experience a pain that runners get that's called Runners Side Stitch.

Q: Is it better to do cardio in the morning, evening, or at night time?

A: That completely depends on your personal schedule. You will get the benefits no matter what time you do it.

Q: Will cardio help me build muscle?

A: Cardiovascular exercises have many benefits, one including better blood flow delivering more oxygen to the muscles. This can help you build muscle.

Q: Will running make my legs muscular?

A: You will build muscle in your legs because you are demanding your legs to work. Whether they become muscular or not isn't always the same in every person.

Q: Should I do weight lifting or cardio first?

A: It is optional, but most weight lifters would rather lift weights when they are at their strongest and most focused, which is before cardio.

Q: Why do I feel smaller when I do cardio?

A: You're burning more calories, burning more fat, and are probably sweating out a lot of water.

Q: Why do so many people think cardio burns off muscle mass? Cardio weight lifting tip for mass..

A: Usually they're just misinformed and are reading material from those who don't have a lot of experience. If you did a lot of training and didn't properly feed the body, well then you may have some concerns.

Q: Can I build muscle as a result of only doing cardio?

A: You will be in better shape, but it takes weight training to isolate the muscles and force them to grow. Cardio and weight lifting is the best way to get in shape.

Q: How to know whether or not I should or shouldn't do cardio?

A: If you have a hard time gaining weight, if you have a hard time eating enough calories per day, and your goal is to build muscle and gain more weight, then you know that cardio probably isn't a good idea.

Q: How can I build up my stamina to do my cardio longer?

A: It's a gradual process. Jog slowly, when you get tired start walking, when that gets too easy, begin jogging again. You can repeat that during your workout.

Q: How many days a week should I do cardio?
A: Cardio can be done every day.

Q: How long should I do cardio for per day?

A: That depends on your fitness goal. 30 minutes a day is plenty.

Q: What should I eat before a cardio workout?

A: Keep it very light. Eat yogurt, whey protein, fruits, salad...

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