The Cheating Method
For adding Intensity
To Your Workouts

The Cheating Method is just one of several different intensity methods.

This method must always be used sparingly and should never take over the way you do your workouts..

This intensity method sounds much more extreme than what it is.

All this is referring to, is using other muscles other than the intended muscle to help lift the weight. Only do this once in a great while.

For example: Normally with a barbell curl, you would use strict form by ONLY using the bicep muscle to bring the weight up.

But everyone once in a while you may get to a point where you may fall short of your desired rep range..

That is when this method can be useful and come into play. With cheating repetitions, you would use another muscle group other than the bicep (for this example) to help lift the bar up for those last few reps...

This is perfect for those who are wanting to add weight to their lifts, but aren't able to use strict form.

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