Chest Building For Older Males

by Brad
(Santa Monica, Ca)

Question: How do I keep my pecs up? Ok... I'm a 50 year old male, been working out my whole life. I'm 5'10"/165 lbs and in great shape...I look 35.

My body fat is about 12% and I look rather muscular. My chest has always been the most developed part of my anatomy but I'm worried that they're starting to look like breasts.

I do all types of chest exercises and when I'm pumped up, they look great. How do I "square" them out so they have a more masculine shape as I enter into my "later years"?

I take a multi vitamin and a protein shake every day and I'm in the gym 4-6 times a week.

Honestly, my pecs have always been this shape but now gravity is not my friend...Help!

Answer: Great question! This is a really common problem guys face when they reach their mid 40's - early 50's. There are a few things you could do:

Chest Building For Older Males
One very important thing to do, is to keep your cardio up. And this doesn't necessarily mean run for an hour a day, heck you could do a light pace jog 20 min a day, whenever you find the time that is most convenient for you. This will help you burn some extra calories.

Now for chest exercises, variety is key! Hit those pec muscles from every possible angle, and really devote an entire workout for the pec muscles exclusively. You can do this once, and sometimes even twice a week for 40 to 60 min workout sessions.

Dumbbell flys really isolate the chest muscles. Do these on an incline bench, a decline bench, and on a flat bench. Chest dips are also a good chest builder.

Super sets may be a good choice for you:
After completing a compound exercise such as a barbell bench press, follow up with an isolation exercise, such as a dumbbell fly.

For nutrition, keep your sugar and salt intake low! This is very important to help keep your muscles looking at their best.
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