Chest Muscle Building
How To Build Chest Muscle

By far, the most important aspect of chest muscle building, is the chest muscles complexity, which will require new challenges and exercise variations.

Realize the importance of exercise variation. Do not be concerned with how much weight you are lifting. The secret to building the ultimate chest, is to use moderate weight, and slowly contract the muscles performing slow steady repetitions.

All too often, you will go to the gym, and see guys lifting way too much weight, in an attempt to reshape their physique like a bodybuilder. But the truth is, if they took off a few plates, and moved the weight slower, they would build their muscles, and create those striations, so much faster.

Because then they would be targeting and fully stimulating the chest muscle, rather than having the body recruit other muscles to assist in getting the weight up.

If your goal is to build and reshape your chest, other muscles should not be responsible for the lift. The goal is to fully isolate the specific muscle group as much as possible.

Note: Heavy weight training has its place, but shouldn't be the only way you train.

The bench press movement has gone from a useful chest exercise, to an exercise that is misused and not properly performed from those who only want to LOOK stronger while working out.

Only add weight to your lifts when the current weight is no longer challenging, or if you are experimenting with a temporary method.

Bodybuilding and power-lifting are two totally different approaches, offering completely different results.

Experiment with heavier weight, but do not use it exclusively, unless you are preparing for a strong man contest.

You do not have to perform all of this in one day. These are just examples of chest exercises that can be utilized in your workout routines for the best chest muscle building results.

For Mass - Thickness

Upper Chest - Incline barbell press.
Lower Chest - Decline barbell press.
Middle Chest - Flat barbell press.
For Width - Outer chestDumbbell Incline fly.
Dumbbell Decline fly.
Dumbbell Flat fly.
For added detail and for the purposes of variation, occasionally replace barbell presses with dumbbell presses. Good Luck!:)

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