The Best Chest Workout Movements
Using Free Weights.

Chest workout movements using dumbbells and barbells.
To build chest muscle fast, use these pectoral workouts.

  • Flat dumbbell fly.

    Step 1. Lay down on a flat bench. Use a comfortable weight. Hold the dumbbells over your body from the lying position, palms facing each other.

    Step 2. Lower the dumbbells to both sides of the body as if you were opening your arms to hug someone. Use a slight bow, or bend to the arm. You don't need your elbows to line up with the shoulders. Keep your elbows slightly lower than the shoulders.

    Step 3. The movement should stop near the area of the bench. Don't go any lower than the sides of the weight bench. Your arms should be about even with the position of the body.

    Step 4. Feel the muscles stretch in the pecs, not the shoulder. Begin to raise the weight back into the starting position over the body. Make sure to squeeze the chest muscles at the top of the movement. (Make sure the dumbbells stay within the same proximity of the chest throughout the movement).


  • Flat bench press.

    Step 1. Lay down on a flat bench. Begin to press the weight upward just shy of locking your elbows. Keep the bar lined up between the lower and middle area of the chest throughout the movement.

    Step 2. Once you've lowered the weight back down, hold it for a second, then push it back up again. Some prefer to bring it down just a few inches above their chest. Lower the bar until it has touched the chest.


  • Incline bench press.

    Step 1. Sit on an incline. Hold the barbell so that it lines up with the top half of the chest. Arch your back just slightly. Keep your elbows semi lined up with the shoulder.

    Step 2. Press the weight up until just shy of locking your elbows.

    Step 3. Lower the weight using complete control. Make sure you really focus on the upper area of the chest. This is a great upper chest workout.


  • Decline dumbbell press
    Step 1. Lay down on a decline bench.

    Step 2. Hold the dumbbells, with your palms facing away from you.

    Step 3. Lower the weight all the way down to the sides of your chest, taking full advantage of the extra range of motion.

    Step 4. Push the weight up using complete control, and tighten the chest at the top of the movement.


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