Complete Proteins
To Gain Maximum Muscle

What is a complete protein?

Every bodybuilder or weight lifter must eat a decent amount of protein in order to build strong thick muscles. A high protein diet is very necessary.

A great approach for getting the proper amount of protein is to consume AT LEAST 1 gram of protein for every 2 pounds of lean body weight.(Nothing lower for muscle building)

Some prefer to consume more than this, for example 1 gram for every 1 pound of body weight, and that's fine too..

Not only is it important to get the right amount of protein, but it's important to get the right kind of protein.

The right kind of protein will be the food that has a good amino acid structure. Whether that be from meat sources, or combing different grains, rice, and legumes, to create a complete protein.

Foods such as Meat, eggs, and dairy, have great amino acid structures.

What about vegetarians?

Combining legumes, a variety of different beans, with different grains, create a complete protein. Some vegetarians also consume Soy.

For the Vegetarian, make sure that you're combining your non animal proteins together to create complete proteins.

The best protein to consume throughout the day...

Eggs, whey protein, fish, chicken, beans with rice.

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