Confused About Bodybuilding

by Terry
(Detroit Michigan)


Confused about what I need to do to build muscle, flatten my stomach, and just be in good shape.

Some say eat 4000 calories a day, some say eat very little, some say have 3 meals a day, have 6 meals a day.. And then of course there's all the training styles that claim to be "the only way"

There's so many different opinions out there that it makes your head spin and you feel like you're always doing something wrong.

I'm not trying to enter a bodybuilding competition, I'm just trying to get in shape, and maintain that muscle.

So my question is, why are there so many different opinions in the fitness and health industry?

Some prefer to count calories, most don't.

Some have a fast metabolism, but most do not.

Some get results with certain plans, while other do not.

Is there 1 system that everyone will benefit from? No.

Why so many contradicting opinions?

Each person who is telling you to do things a certain way, isn't necessarily lying or unaware, or misinformed... It's just that they've found what works for them personally, and they then share that information with the public.

All of our bodies respond differently to fitness programs.

There are several variables to consider for there to be only one way to get results.

The solution for this really boils down to experimentation. You won't know if something works well or not unless you try it.


Just have fun.

Don't turn your workouts and your diet into a chore.

If you can't have fun doing this, then you're a missing a very important aspect to all of this.

The point where you get confused, is when you need to stop what you're doing, and just listen to what YOU want to do. What makes you tick? Figure that out, and then just go for it!

There are some basic tips to look at and apply, but after that, it's all about doing what you want. It's your canvas, get creative... Paint!

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