Creatine For Gaining Weight?

by Pakistan

I must admit, for the longest time, I have called Creatine products "A Waste Of Money." But after trying it out and seeing what it had to offer, here is what I noticed...

When you first use it, you won't see hardly any results. In fact if you don't drink enough water, it can really leave you dehydrated.

If you load with this stuff, like take in about 1 tablespoon 4 times a day for around 5 days, then do a maintenance serving consisting of about 1 tablespoon per day, for about 3 or 4 weeks, you will definitely see some nice gains. I know I did.

I didn't necessarily gain much weight, but it looked like I did after taking it.

Creatine didn't help much with strength gains, but it did help a little bit with gaining a little mass. Which is exactly why I tried it in the first place. It is worth checking out.

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Dec 12, 2009
Nice tip on creatine supplementation
by: Bill

Creatine is actually one of the few super supplements that actually does what it claims. While some people don't respond to creatine supplementation, many do. And there are physiological reasons for creatine's efficacy.

The jury is still out on creatine loading; for all intents, the effectiveness of either approach reaches equality after about a month. In other words, with loading, you'll see effects faster but the overall gains will be the same after about 4 weeks.

I like to cycle the creatine (actually, I recommend cycling everything, from training to supplementation to diet). 3 days on creatine, one day off. 3 weeks on, one week off. 3 months on, one month off. You get the picture.

These mini- and maxi-cycles really work.

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