Deltoid Machine and Military Press

by Michael
(Lawrenceville, NJ)

Question: In my deltoid routine, I start with the lateral deltoid machine, and then move on to the military press machine (I cannot use free weights due to a spinal fusion.) Is this a good sequence or should I reverse it for better results? Thanks for your help!

Answer: The lateral deltoid exercise would be an isolation exercise, and can be done after the military press machine if your main focus was on muscle and strength gains.

In some cases, doing an isolation exercise before a compound exercise can be beneficial too, but most people would choose the military press first, then finish it off with the lateral exercise if muscle and strength was the goal...

Vary your exercises frequently. You can do this by changing the exercises that you do, and the order that you do them in. The majority of your workouts should have compound exercises first when you are at your strongest, then do isolation exercises near the end. Use controlled movement, be sure to breathe, and be sure to not jerk the weight around for best results.

Another exercise you may like: Upright Rows using just the bar.

Good Luck!

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