Diabetics And Easy Fat Gain

by sherif
(Los Angeles)

Question: Diabetics and easy fat gain...

I am a diabetic, so I just want to make sure that because I am diabetic, gaining fat would happen much faster for me than an average healthy person due to my possible high blood glucose.

Because there is an insulin spike, my body would require fat to be accumulated.

In this case, should all white foods be avoided due to possible high glucose, especially in my bulking phase (currently 5 weeks in)... I am also trying not to gain extra weight that I do not need.

Answer: Supplements such as Vanadium and Chromium can be used. These are great supplements to take if you are a diabetic.

With that being said... "Should all white foods be avoided?" Eat white foods sparingly.

Brown rice is better for you than white rice.
Whole grain bread is better for you than white bread... etc.

A majority of your food SHOULD be whole, unprocessed, and low glycemic.

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