Diet for muscle build

Question: Diet for muscle building.

I am 15 ive been working out since i was 13

I am not fat but im bulky and pretty muscular. not where i want to be

I workout 5 times a week, monday-friday and i do the Wendler 531 workout program

my 1 rep max for bench press is 200 pounds, my deadlift is 325 my squat is 250

I want to build muscle and get ripped

I drink EAS 100 % Whey protein. please include this drink in my diet

i dont really eat at specific times but i have at least 2 solid meals and then snacks through out the day. For breakfast i have a bowl of cereal probably unhealthy cereal but for dinner i usually eat some form of meat.

I am a hard worker i am dedicated and i want to get more muscle but have it be defined so i have a sick pack and defined biceps etc. Also i am 5 foot 10 inches weighing about 175.

Answer: Here's a simple idea of what to eat.

Meal 1: Oatmeal, apple, raisins, protein shake.

Meal 2: Salad with cheese, meat or eggs.

Meal 3: Brown rice (add onion and broccoli), lean meat or eggs, omega 3 oils.

Meal 4: Protein shake, bowl of fruit.

Meal 5: Baked potato, corn, lean meat or eggs...

Just a real basic example, nothing too fancy. Notice that in each meal you're getting some form of fruit or vegetable, and some form of protein.

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