Different Muscle Types and Responses

by youssef

Different Muscle Types & Responses. Building bigger arms. Working through plateaus...

I have different responses in my muscles.
For example I have very slow response in increasing weight or performing better in bicep or tricep exercises, almost I increase only 2.5 kg weight in free weight training ( e.g dumbbells) every 1.5 month or something.

While in my chest (bench) I increase weight and perform better every next workout.

That gives me a problem in having a clear big chest and small arms.

-So does this concern my body type (ecto,endo,meso)?
Or does it concern my genes?
Or does it concern how I built my body the first time?

Where I started training push ups all the time when I was 11 years old till now (20), while I starting training biceps and triceps workouts by dumbbells when I was 15 years old and of course I cut out training dumbbells many times, while I always perform pushups.

-Anyway can I concentrate more on my biceps and triceps in training to have the good body balance and form?


If you feel there is an area of your body lacking in development, you can most definitely put more emphasis on these muscle groups in your workouts.

There are a few pages that I'd recommend you reading that can really help you out...

Each of these links below will open a new window which will make it a lot easier to come back here to this page:

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Okay, so go ahead and check those pages out and see if you can start developing faster!

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