Drop Sets Are A Great Way
To Add New Intensity
To Your Workouts

Do drop sets to help increase your workout intensity. These will help shock your muscles into new growth.

This is a bodybuilding technique that can be used to help exhaust the muscle quite well.

The way to do these.

Pick a weight that you would normally lift for around 10-12 repetitions..

Once you reach a point where you cannot perform anymore reps in your set, you would then immediately grab a lighter weight (5 or 10 pounds lighter), and then begin lifting for more repetitions. You would do this until you reached full exhaustion before fully resting.

The idea for this intensity technique is to simply keep dropping the weight down lighter by removing weight from the current bar, over and over until you cannot perform anymore reps for that particular set.

It is not advised to do this technique too often. Use this intensity method whenever you feel you've reached a plateau in your routine.

The point of this method is to help shock the muscles to force them to grow from the added stress you put on them.

Add this bodybuilding technique into your routines whenever you feel you need an intensity change.

Drop sets also go by the name of: Breakdowns, running the rack, strip sets, descending sets...

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