Drowsiness After Workouts?

by matt
(nanaimo bc)

Question: Am I over training, because I feel drowsy almost all the time?

I'm 21 and have been working out for just about a year now.

I was definitely on the skinny side a year ago now I'm pretty muscular.

I work out 5 days a week from anywhere between 45mins to an hour and 15mins.

Most of the exercises I do with a spotter and go past failure and aim for 5 to 10 reps and do 3 sets for everything unless otherwise stated.

I also do abs at the end, almost every workout and calves 3 times a week more or less depending on how tired I am:

Monday chest and tris
- flat bench (1 warmup and 3 work sets)
-incline bench
-decline bench (sometimes only 2 sets)
(I alternate between bar and dumbbells every week)
-skull crushers or overhead extensions with dumb ell
-dumbbell pec flies
-tricep kickbacks (faster on the way up and come down slow 10-15 reps)
-cable flies (alternate between upwards and downwards)
-tricep push-downs (last set I do a drop set till I cant drop it anymore)
-pecdeck (usually a drop set on the last set)

Tuesday back and biceps
-dead lifts
-lat pull-downs (alternate between different machines from week to week and between close underhand too)
-rows(alternate between wide and close from week to week)
-dumbbell curls
-preacher curls
-dumbbell rows
-cable hammer curls (sometimes skip this one cause by biceps are done by this point)

Thursday shoulders and back
-shoulder press(bar one week and dumbbells the next)
-shrugs (with dumbbells or bar)
-front raises (sometimes super set with side raises)
-side cable raises or dumbbells or machine
-bent over dumbbell raises
-reverse flies
-bent over barbell rows
-sometimes lateral raises but my shoulders don't like it

Friday arms
-warm up with high reps of tricep push downs
-super-set of skull-crushers and barbell curls
-kickbacks (10-15 reps)
-side dumbbell curls on the curl bench or side cable curls
-tricep push-down machine usually drop set on the last one
-curl machine usually drop set on the last one

Saturday legs
-squats (1 or 2 warmup sets and 3 work sets)
-alternate between squat machine sometimes a drop set or lunges with dumbbells or with smith machine every few weeks
-leg press
-leg extensions
hamstring curls (4-6 sets and alternate machines from week to week)
-calf raises(I do these about 3 times a week and alternate between standing, sitting, toes strait/in/out from week to week)

Looking to build muscle the most effective
way possible and stay lean and get leaner I wanna do cardio too but I'm to usually to tired to fit it in the week

supplements I take:

-whey protein

Typical day of food
7:30-bowl of oatmeal and protein shake
10:00-scrambled eggs hash browns or toast and a banana and an orange
12:00-sandwich or salad with chicken, soup, and sometimes a muffin
2:30-banana sometimes toast
6:00-chicken breasts and brown rice
9:00 is when I usually workout
10:30 protein shake and a banana
I also drink lots of water throughout the day

Is my workout to heavy and could it be causing my drowsiness throughout the day even though my muscles don't get very sore the next day or feel weak at all?

Should I change it to a 3 day a week with less sets and do more cardio?
Is there any other supplements or vitamins I should be taking?

My drowsiness seems to have started sometime after I started working out and even when I took a week and a half off for a neck injury I still was drowsy the entire time.

I got blood tests for everything and they all came back normal. My doctor thinks it's from working out to hard and I'm draining myself of nutrients most importantly magnesium and I have been taking magnesium and a good multivitamin with iron for a few months now but its not really helping.

I have gotten a lot bigger in the last year. I went from 159 to 174 pounds and my max bench went from 135 to 225 in a year, I'm still making good gains and I'm getting stronger every few weeks. I don't usually feel very sore the next day just a bit tender in my chest and triceps, and sometimes my back, but I usually have trouble walking for 2 days after a heavy leg workout though.

Answer: You're over training.

Try this for the next few months:

Workout less often. 5 times a week is too much. Cut it down to twice a week with weights at the very most. And the other days, do cardio or intense walking.

You only need weight lifting to trigger a growth response. After that, rest the muscle and eat healthy foods. The actual growth happens during the times of NOT weight lifting... not during.

Infrequent workout sessions, and progressive workloads, will help. Increase the weight, each workout session. You'll be able to do this with more time off between workouts. Quite the contrary to modern belief.

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