Eating After a Workout

by Michael Clark
(New York)


I've heard that you need to eat more after workouts, is this true?

Depending on your goal... If your goal was to build muscle, then yes, eating more after workouts can be very beneficial.

There's a 3 hour window after a workout, where your insulin levels are higher, which helps drive most of the food you eat back into the muscles.

Consuming high protein and vitamin rich foods in that 3 hour post workout time period would be ideal.

Most people like to consume something easy to digest for their first recovery meal... something that the body does not have to work hard on to break down.

Whey protein and fruits are good choices. When eating something easy on the digestive system, the body can then focus more of its attention on repairing the muscles rather than focusing its attention on trying to break down the food.

Bodybuilders gain a huge advantage when consuming higher calories after workouts. If you're a big eater, well this is the time where most of your calories should be eaten.

So, your first recovery meal will be something light, for example, whey protein and maybe some fruit, or juice...

Wait about an hour, then eat heavier foods.

During this 3 hour period is where a lot of repair takes place, so choose good foods high in protein to help build that muscle.

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