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Free information on Eating for your body type. You may be wondering, what is my body type?

There are three Different body types: Ectomorph. Endomorph. Mesomorph.

Depending on your bodytype, you'll want to focus on how much you're eating.

Strictly for the skinny frame- Ectomorph

If you're an Ectomorph, which is the bodytype that seems as if you can't gain weight no matter what you do....

You'll simply be eating healthy foods higher in calories.


Because you are trying to build muscle. Muscle requires fuel(food). And to gain muscle mass, you have to eat. Periode.

You'll know if you're an ectomorph, there isn't much research required here. If you're on the skinny side and you can't gain weight, then you're an ectomorph.

Simply eat more calories.

  • Eat 6 small meals a day.

  • increase your appetite by taking ginger, or cinnamon.

  • You'll get more calories by consuming fat. 9 calories for every gram.

  • Take creatine.

    Strictly for the heavier body frame- Endomorph

    Endomorphs will eat less calories.

    You'll know if you're Endomorph, because you'll have the body type that stores fat. Which would mean you'll want to eat less food.

    A completely different eating schedule from the Ectomorph.

    Endomorphs should always consume their calories mainly in the form of carbohydrates and proteins.

    You store fat easily, and it's important to balance your blood sugar. High blood sugar levels will mean having an increased appetite, which is exactly what you do not want.

    Take chromium to balance your blood sugar.

    Sometimes your insulin may not be working properly and that can be a main contributor to your weight gain as well.

    Correct your insulin by consuming whole unprocessed foods. And be sure to exercise regularly.

    Always be sure to consume enough water.

    When your body is not properly hydrated, it can give the appearance of weight gain simply because the body is retaining more water.

    To correct this, lower your salt intake.

    High sodium levels throw the mineral balance off in your body. Be sure to lower your salt intake per day, and try to consume at least one gallon of water a day.

    Eating for your body type comes down to this

  • Ectomorph- Eats more.
  • Endomorph- Eats less.


    Building Muscle requires you to watch your own progress and to modify and assess your eating habits according to your body type.

    When we're trying to build muscle mass, eating for your body type ultimately is a deciding factor for the muscle gains you make.

    Eating for your body type requires YOU to know the legitimate guidelines for healthy food choices that you obtain in your eating schedule.

    When we say the Ectomorph body type should eat more, we hope you understand, that we don't mean for you to pig out on just anything.

    You still have to eat healthy, to get quality muscle.

    We've purposely left out the Mesomorph body type, from this page, simply because, this particular body type has the ideal genetics for bodybuilding. And their specific body type could go either way - eating more, or eating less.

    If you're able to keep your levels of body fat down, and gain lots of muscle practically effortlessly, then we're assuming you won't need this page much.

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