Exercise Routine for People with Bad Backs

by Ricky
(Rohnert Park, CA.)

Question: I am 24 years old and I have been working out since February 2012

I am skinny. My weight is 116 lbs and my height is 5'7.5"

When I can workout I am working out three times a week 45min-1hr.

For every workout I perform a circuit of each exercise with 10-15 reps. I perform 3 sets of each. I begin every session at the gym with a 10 min. run.

Day 1: Weighted squat, straight back stiff leg deadlift, cable seated row, incline dumbbell chest press, seated close grip cable pull down, seated military press, dumbbell incline curl, bench dip, seated calf raise, barbell shrug.

Day 2: Bent-over rear delt row, barbell bench press, seated wide grip cable pull down, pull ups, dumbbell hammer curl, lying dumbbell tricep extension, standing dumbble forward lunge, RDL's with dumbbells, hanging hip raise, crunch.

Day 3: Barbell dead lift, lying hamstring curl, seated hamstring curl, dumbbell bent over row, dumbbell bench press, chinup, seated cable underhand pull down, barbell curl, standing two arm cable push down, hanging hip raise, crunch.

I want to have muscle and weight gain. I found this workout plan through an online book I purchased.

I take whey protein with rice milk. I am currently looking for a good substitute since whey is milk based. I am lactose intolerant.

I eat three meals a day. For breakfast I'll have two eggs with ham and waffles with a glass of orange juice and a banana. For lunch I will have pasta with ground turkey and a salad on the side (I always have water instead of any other type of drink) Then for dinner I will have chicken breast or thighs ( I cook it with wine, yellow onions, garlic, paprika, salt, pepper and olive oil) with rice and some sort of greens (green beans, broccoli, or salad).

The workout I have been using may be the incorrect workout for my body. After recently having a horrible back spasm that left me immobile for three days and two weeks off of work, I decided to spend what little money I have on three sessions with a personal trainer. I'm just about done with those three lessons, but want some more advice so that I can gain muscle and weight without injuring my back.

Do you provide full body workout routines that can be catered to a single individual? If so, great!

I am 24 years old. 116lbs. 5'7.5" tall. I have scoliosis that is not severe enough to require major surgery, but it is bad enough to cause me problems to where I
need a real good massage/chiropractor visit and do lots of stretching. I am continually twisting my back to get unstuck. When I have pain it is in my neck, between my scapula (mostly on the right side) and lower back. I also have a rib cage rotation to the left. These issues cause my left shoulder to ride higher than my right and causing my neck to angle slightly to the right. I had severe pronated feet, but had it corrected with surgery when I was 15 and 16 years old. The personal trainer I signed up with for three sessions told me I should be doing my workouts seated. He told me this will prevent me from putting too much pressure on my lower back. So far the workout he has assigned to me are on machines (I am no longer using my usual workout routine because it seems to not be good for me). The machines I am using are all seated and are the following:

Seated Dip, Bicep Curl, Chest Press, Pec Fly, Shoulder Press, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Leg Press.

Then he has me on the pull down machines. I adjust the bar so that I am seated and pulling down a rope grip down to between my legs. Then I re-adjust it with a new grip (bicycle bar looking thing) and remain seated. From here I do an arm curl while leaning back slightly. Although he has not shown me a lot on the TRX machine, I have used it once. When my personal trainer was making his initial assessment of me, he asked me to show him some of my workouts. When I did he was impressed with my posture and how I executed the workouts. So I guess I have a good understanding of how to do things properly.

I have very specific muscular and skeletal issues and most of the workouts I have seen recommended to others do not work for me because of my anatomy. There may be some that would work for me, but since I am not trained in knowing all these things I do not want to make the mistake of choosing a workout and having it cause injury.


I don't feel good about creating a workout routine for you. I'd hate to see you injure yourself further.

Your best bet is to have someone work with you in person. It's unfortunate that you paid for a trainer, and are still in the dark on what to do...

As for looking for a substitute protein supplement, try egg white powder. Works well.

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