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Top 30 Uncommon
Exercise Tips!

Tricks and exercise tips that will help speed up your results.

Uncommon, and some are UN-heard of... Top 30 tips for faster gains

Exercise tip - What's your gym atmosphere like?

If you cannot get into your workout, you will not get good bodybuilding results.

Be picky when you choose the gym you workout in. What's the staff like? Do they play annoying music?

It's simple stuff like this that can really throw the work out off into an unproductive one.

Bottom line is this... Choose a good atmosphere. When you enjoy your workouts, you will get much better results, because your mind will be fully engaged.

Make sure you are FULLY into it. DO what ever you have to do to make that happen, even if you have to workout alone in your basement!!

Exercise tip - Fully exhaust the muscle at the end of your workouts

Occasionally, at the end of your workouts, you can perform high repetition sets to fully exhaust the muscle.

So for example, if you were doing an average of 8 to 10 repetitions per set, drop the weight down to the point where you can do double or even triple that amount of repetitions.

This will fully exhaust the muscle and give you a little more satisfaction before calling it a day. Only do this at the END of your workout.

Exercise tip - New exercises for added muscle detail.

To get that bodybuilder look, it is crucial to add as many different exercises as you can to each muscle group. This will maximize your results, offering more muscle detail, and muscle separation, which will ultimately give you that sculpted symmetrical appearance.

Changing your workout routines, using brand new exercises, new rep ranges, doing extra sets etc.. will help you achieve your best physique over a matter of time.

Try adding new exercises, or rotate exercises, to really mix things up. With this, you will be sure to hit every muscle from more angles.

How long to rest muscles between sets?

Ideally, between 60 to 90 seconds would be enough time for the muscles to rest.

Exercise tip - Taking your workout to a whole new level

Supersets! If you haven't done them before, check them out! Do one exercise, followed by another exercise (preferably an exercise of another body part) all without taking a rest. So basically you do two body parts back to back take a 30-60 second break and repeat. This will pump up those muscles and have you burning way more calories than a typical workout.

Body parts that you could work together in each super set workout: Chest with Back. Biceps with Triceps and Abs. Shoulders with Legs.

Exercise tip - Occasionally we don't have time to go to the gym. Don't feel guilty, instead do a home workout using your own body weight. Think of it as an opportunity.

Try doing new movements in a whole new order; this will throw the body off. And if there is one thing that causes the body to grow, it's change.

Do these back to back without a rest:
As many pushups as you can
As many bodyweight squats as you can
As many crunches or situps as you can

Get creative on the days you can't make it to the gym.

How to make your back wider?

Do wide grip pull-ups (also known as chins) to the front and to the back. If you are not able to do pull ups, use cable pulldowns.

Exercise tip - Get the most out of each workout.

On a day where you do, let's say... arms, (biceps and triceps) do your 3 or 4 sets on biceps, followed by your 3 or 4 sets on triceps, repeat this throughout the workout; biceps, triceps, biceps, triceps...

So while one part is being worked on, the other can rest. By doing this, your muscles will stay strong through the whole workout.

Exercise tip - 1 tip for pressing exercises - For beginners

When doing pressing exercises such as bench presses, shoulder presses etc... don't extend your elbow. When pressing the weight up over your body, push upward just shy of completely locking out. This will put more "stress" on the muscle being worked.

How to make your biceps POP out of your shirt.

A: When doing curls, throw up 2 cheat reps at the end of every set to fully exhaust the biceps and force them to grow. Example: 8 to 12 normal reps, then, force 2 more when it feels as though you cannot. Repeat this for every set. 3 to 4 sets.

B: On the last set of curls, hold the weight (so that the bicep is completely flexed) on every rep. For example, on set number 4, you will hold the weight up at the top in a flexing position for a few seconds on each rep. These couple of tips will help blast the biceps!

Exercise tip - How can I get cut for the summer for that beach body look?

Cardio and good nutrition. If you're a bodybuilder and are wanting more definition, just add extra cardio. The amount of weight you use in the gym doesn't have to change.

You may hear, or read about people using lighter weight to get "tone" to shed that extra fat, but this isn't necessary. Continue building muscle using weight that challenges your muscles, eat clean, and add cardio.

For the natural bodybuilder, the mirror is your most effective tool at determining how your progress is coming along.

Exercise tip - How long to rest muscles between sets?

Whether your goal is fat loss, building muscle, or training for a bodybuilding competition, it's a good idea to take short breaks between sets. 1 to 2 minute rests are plenty. The idea is to put your muscles under a lot of stress in a short amount of time. This is the effective way to workout.

Exercise tips -My workouts are getting boring!

So... You've been following a workout program that you really enjoy, but for some apparent reason, you are beginning to lose interest, and suddenly weight lifting is becoming increasingly boring. You want to get fit. You want to build muscle, but you just find it sooooo dreadfully boring!

Here's what to do...

Paying for workout programs?

Heck no! All you are doing is buying regurgitated facts already addressed on this site! This site will teach you everything that you will need to build muscle mass. With time, this site will just get better! Don't miss a thing!

Exercise tip - Am I Getting Weaker!

If you are not able to lift the amount of weight you did last week, don't worry, it's a common thing.

A. Change your workout routine around, or the order that you do the exercises in.

B. Rest that muscle a little more. Maybe it needs longer recovery.

Exercise tip - Adding peaks to your biceps

Want to make your biceps peak higher? Try this:

When doing bicep curls, try holding the weight steady for a couple seconds when the arm is the flexing position. Then, slowly lower the bar keeping your elbows in a stationary position.

Amino Acids

Protein has lots of uses; more than just build muscles. There are several areas of the body that depend on amino acids to properly function.

Exercise tip - Burn more calories

Did you know that you burn more calories when it's cold? Your body will have to work harder to keep yourself warm.

Pull ups

There's no question that pull ups are one of the best back exercises, but they do require a lot of arm, wrist and hand strength. To get the best out of your pull ups, you'll want to be at your strongest, so try doing your pull ups at the beginning of your back workouts.

Wrist straps

Wrist straps are a great accessory for weight lifters.

Using wrist straps can take a lot of weight off from your hands and wrists, allowing you to lift more weight. Perfect for dead lifts.


The forearms do not require many exercises. This muscle group is an area that is used practically every time you weight lift. Every time you grip onto something, your forearms are being used.

Squeeze your hand. Feel your forearm tighten. Now imagine that grip being used day after day with heavy weight in your hands.


A great shoulder building exercise is the Arnold press. Do these with good form, and you will build your shoulders very nicely. They will help add definition.

Low on energy. No motivation to workout.

Sometimes caffeine just doesn't do the trick. Solution? Mix one heaping tablespoon of Creatine powder with juice, preferably grape or apple juice.

Drink that, and in about 20 to 30 minutes, doing a workout will feel much more tempting.


Visualize the muscle as you're working it. Imagine how you want it to form and how you want it to look. Focus only on that muscle that you are working. This visualization will enhance your muscle building progress. It's a mind-body connection.

When you are working out... visualize, and focus. This will help stimulate the area that you want to build.

Exercise tip - Shocking the muscles..

One of the best ways to get your muscles to grow, is to shock them.

A good way to shock your muscles, would be to change the order of the exercises that you do, pair certain muscle groups together that you don't typically do in the same workout, or do new exercises that you've never done before. The body responds to change.

Right when you start getting comfortable with your workouts, is exactly when you should change them.

That last rep of your last set...

For the last set of every exercise, the most beneficial muscle building rep, is the last one!

When you've reached a point where you cannot push out any more reps in your last set, push out a couple half reps to exhaust the muscles a little more.

Speed up recovery

Did you know that a couple cups of green tea a day can speed up your recovery and heal your muscles faster?

When you've had a hard workout, and your muscles are in pain the next day, drink a cup of green tea to heal those muscles and speed up recovery time.

Weak point training!!

Everyone has an area on their body that they just are not satisfied with. Even the most genetically gifted bodybuilder has a body part that they just aren't entirely satisfied with...

Solution? If there's an area on your body that just isn't responding to your workout routines, even if you are following all of the muscle building tips on this website, you must begin devoting more attention to that area.

Normally this would be considered over-training... but we want to shock this muscle into a phase of new growth... So do something that your body would never expect...

For the body part that is not responding, add an exercise or two that works this particular body part, at the beginning of each workout for an entire week.

Do your routines just like normal, but work your weak, or non-responsive body part, at the beginning of each workout.

Keep in mind, this is temporary, and shouldn't be used too often.


For you weight lifters wanting to gain mass... don't cut carbohydrates out of your diet, you will need them... They supply your body with energy, and also help fill your muscles for that bulky-muscular look that you are going for.

For weight lifters and anyone wanting to build mass, carbohydrates score very high for mass building. Carbohydrates need to be consumed along with protein, immediately after your workouts!

5x4 method for mass

A recommended approach to building a workout routine specifically for mass building was discussed in the Public Q and A section. Don't miss this conversation. Some really effective tips for mass building. 5x4 method for mass

Keep in mind, your testosterone levels will sky rocket with this style of training, so aggression may increase.

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