Fail to gain weight

by Alec


I'm 54 yrs old now and I've been lifting since I was 27 yrs old

I used to be very skinny, broad shoulder but small bones

Before I reached 50 I performed 3 times a week work out diligently about 1 hrs each session. This routine get my weight up from 55 kg to almost 80 kg.
I looked huge and all my friends and family were very impress with my body development especially those who new how skinny I was.
But in my opinion I don't look ripe.I look more like off season body builder.

After reaching 50 I switch to 5 times a week but only do 1 or 2 body part per session. For example, Monday I do chest: flat bench press, incline press, decline press, cable cross over
and then I do triceps: Tricep push down and bending tricep extension.

For chest:
Flat bench press:
I rest between exercise for about 30 secon to 1 minute (I do this for all exercise not just chest)
- starts with 2 warm up sets, light weight, 15 lbs on
each side of the barbel for 15 to 20 reps each
- then add weight to 25 lbs on each side of the barbel
and do 12 reps for 1 set
- then add 5 lbs on each site (30 lbs each side) for 10
reps and I do 2 sets
- then add 5 lbs again (35 lbs each side)for 8 reps
at this point I can't do more than 8 reps.
Sometimes I do 2 set of 30lbs each side for 8 reps
then quickly add 5 lbs each side and continue on with
4 or 6 reps (super set?)

With this exercise I can see improvement on my chest
but I want my pecs to bulge more looking at my history
of weight lifting since I was 27 I could have had a
better physic. Something is wrong!

Push Down:
I start with 35 lbs for 2 sets, 12 reps then go to 40 lbs for 3 sets.
This exercise burns my triceps like hell

Someday I continue on with bending triceps extension, I grab the rope over my head and pull the rope until both of my upper forearm stright over my head. I started with 35 lbs for 1 set 12 reps then 40 lbs 3 sets 10 rep each
Or I do dip machine with the same weight, sets and reps as above.

other exercises, like for biceps, I do barbel curl, started with 35 lbs 1 set 12 reps then move up to 40 lbs 1 or 2 set 10 reps and end with 50 lbs 2 set 10 reps
sometimes I super set with 20 lbs hammer dumbell curl 1 set 10 reps then the next round I use 25 lbs 8 reps for 3 sets

all other exersices pretty much using the same rule, starts with ligther weight then move up 5 lbs and reduce my reps whenever I add 5 lbs weight because I can do the same reps when I add 5 lbs.

No matter how I do it, I can't
gain weight!!!!

The difference in mu nutrition was:
Before 50 I ate 4 to 6 times but mainly carbohydrate
that's how I got my weight up to almost 80 kg
When I reach 40 my doctor detected my blood trygliceride reach up to 275 so he ordered me to loose weight and eat less carbohydrates.

Since that point on my weight go down but my trygiceride reaches a normal level. But I look skinny and old!
My doctor told me to eat more protein to gain weight and not using carbohydrate. I've been eating 2 white eggs every morning + 1 baggel
after each exercise I eat 2 egg whites so in a day I eat 4 egg whites
But I no longer eat 4 times a day, just 3 times a day

Please let me know how to add extra muscle to gain properly thank you

I hope to get proper advice on how to add muscle so I don't look skinny anymore. Looking skinny make me depress

No specific nutrition plan but always eat 4 times a day
morning: 2 white eggs and a baggel
Before lunch : yam or 2 raisin bread
lunch : 1 sandwich with campbell soup or rice with last night left
over, rice with checking or chinese food
dinner: sandwich or rice and some chicken,fish, beef and
veggie and fruit

My meal is a regular meal, it's healthy but I don't eat a regular american food, such as beef or chicken steak, like the one written in most fitness book

Obviously I haven't done my weight lifting correctly because I don't see myself as a body builder with bulging muscle. I want bulging muscle, I want to add some muscle on my shoulder so my shoulder look round and wide and so does my pecs, biceps, triceps, lat and legs how can I add muscle?

I don't know when to stop when I lifting weight
for example, if I lift weight and I already feel the pain, should I continue? usually I stop because I'm afrain I might tear my muscle
is this wrong?

I'm asian with small bones but I see many asian even those with small bones like me they're successfull in adding muscle to their body. They look good and when they put on their clothes on you can immediately notice their muscle. I want to look like that, how come is it so difficult?

I don't understand with the intensity of this exercise. I thought muscle witll grow once you increase the weight but obviously I failed so I need someone to tell me what have I done wrong


Focus on maximum efficiency. Exercises that are compound exercises, will encompass multiple muscle groups within a single action.

Here's a workout routine for growth:

Parallel bar dips.

Under-hand pull-ups.

Push-ups with your feet elevated.

Jump squats.

Bicycle crunches.

With the exercises above, you'll target multiple muscle groups for maximum efficiency.

Do 1 warm up set, followed by 1 all-out explosive set to failure. Do this for each exercise. Do this routine once a week.

Each week increase the reps by 1.

Over-time, you will grow.

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