Fat Burning Workout For That Flat Stomach!

Most workouts are just simply boring. How the heck is anyone supposed to stick with a workout plan if they hate doing it, right?

That's why, from this page here, we're going to give you some cool workout ideas, but not only that, we are also going to open up some more workout ideas at the bottom of the page too!

So, you'll have a workout to choose from every day of the week.

And best of all, it'll help you burn fat faster to get that flat stomach that you've been eagerly waiting for!

Okay, ready?

The Flat Stomach "At Home Workout Routine!"

This Is For Both Men And Women

Unlock some serious fat burning just by utilizing equipment you never even thought of using.

What equipment are we talking about? Well... the equipment is called "YOU!"

"YOU" are the gym!

Lace those shoes, let's get started.

Get a stop watch, set it up to run for 2 minutes.

Got it? Good...

Now, hit the timer to run, and sound an alarm after 2 minutes.

Got it?

Jump in place, (it sounds ridiculous, but trust this) jump in place, not super high, just a few inches off the ground. Similar to what you would do, if you were jump roping.

Do continuous repeated jumps until the timer goes off. It's easy at first, but... Your heart is going to be beating super heavy after a few minutes. This is going to burn SO MANY CALORIES it's not even funny...

You don't have to over-do this. You don't have to jump that high... You only need to jump a few inches off the ground for this to work, alright?

Okay, so the timer went off...

You've stopped jumping...

You are now going to do regular body weight squats, with a slight twist...

With your feet shoulder width apart, proceed to squat down (with your head up)..

Proceed to go back up, but do a slight jump at the end of the movement. Here's a picture:

Do about 15 reps of these jump squats. Then go right back to jumping in place.

So it'll look a little something like this:

Jump in place for 2 minutes
Jump squats: 15 reps
Repeat jumping in place for 2 minutes once again.

Do this until you've done both exercises 4 times a piece. Got it? Good, let's move on...

Now after you've done all of what we've mentioned above, you will feel your heart pounding. You will feel the sweat dripping. You will feel a slight ache in your calves, in your thighs... What does this mean?

It means you are burning A LOT of calories, in only a few minutes!

This is exciting for anyone who wants a flat stomach but doesn't want to spend hours working out!

Now time for some ab crunches:

Do 3 or 4 sets of crunches:

25 reps without a break, is considered 1 set. Basically, do about 3 or 4 sets.

With ab crunches, it's best to get an exercise mat, so that you are not laying on a hard floor. The added comfort will allow you to focus more on the exercise at hand, instead of focusing on the discomfort of a hard floor. Make this exercise comfortable. Get an exercise mat.

Rules for crunches:

Crunches should never be done with forced reps. Meaning, don't jerk the motion. Don't push your head upward in an attempt to complete a repetition.

You do not have to come all the way up.

Your abs should be responsible for the motion. No jerking of the head. It has to be a smooth motion.

Keep your head back, the neck has to be straight.

When doing the crunch, go slow.

When doing crunches, you only have to bring your head up off the ground a few inches for it to work effectively.

When doing crunches, tighten the stomach when your head is lifted off the ground, hold that position for 2 seconds, before going back to the starting position.


As you can see, there are many options for burning a lot of calories at home, with no equipment.

But guess what, there are SEVERAL other exercises that you could be doing at home using ONLY body weight exercises!

Think about what it would be like to workout at home whenever it's convenient for you!

You burn calories easily, and NEVER have to leave the house to do it, if you don't want to!

We recommend getting these Bodyweight Exercises to incorporate in your home workouts. The added variety will make working out super fun, and help you burn body fat!

We also have More Free Suggested Workouts.

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