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Below, is a list of our top fat burning workouts. See which one best suits you!

Fat Burning Workouts

Weight Lifting: Weight training routine that burns fat! Burn Fat Maintain Muscle

10 Minute Abs: If you did this next workout for 10 minutes a day, you'd be well on your way for an awesome lean body. Check out this 10 minute workout specifically designed to help you shed fat and peel that layer to help you achieve a flat stomach and visible abs! 10 Minute Abs Training

10 Minute/No Equipment Workout: 10 minute fat burning workout that requires NO workout equipment... Watch out though, even though this workout is only 10 minutes, it's super tough! 10 Minute No Equipment Workout

Tips & Programs

Some awesome tips on how to remove belly fat: This one is not actually a workout routine. This belly fat page is an article that helps people understand the importance of cardio work over ab training, in order to be able to SEE your abs. This belly fat page also includes a highly effective program at the bottom. Belly Fat

This is one of our favorites: It lists the best fat loss programs. We put all of the top programs all on one page. There are so many programs out there... Which ones work? Well, we found out which ones work, and now so can you! This is convenient for people who need a narrowed down list of the most effective fat burning programs! We found them FOR you. Best Weight Loss Diet Programs

Exercises You Can Do At Home

Muscle burns fat. The more muscle you have, the easier the fat will burn off.

When we think of burning off the fat, the first thing that comes to mind is cardio, right?

Cardio IS in fact a great way to burn the fat off. But did you know that cardio does not have to come in the form of running, biking or swimming?

Granted, THESE are great ways to do cardio. However, you can easily do exercises to strengthen your body and lose body fat right in your own living room, with or without equipment.

Here's a few different options. One good fat burning workout is a little movement called...

Jump Ropes (with or without the rope)

What you would do is you would jump in place while doing the motion of jumping rope. Try it.

Keep in mind, you don't have to jump high at all... Just slightly jump or hop, using the upper part of your foot to spring yourself in a continuous jumping motion.

Try to do as many as you can, to get a feel on how many you're capable of doing on your first set. For example: If all you could do was 30 continuous jumps, that would be considered one set.

Here's how this turns into a fat burning workout...

You're going to be doing as many as you can, then you're going to rest for 30 to 60 seconds. Once that rest is over, you're going to do them all over again.

Keep this pace up for about 15 minutes.

From this workout, you'll be strengthening your heart and your legs, especially your calves.

At first, it may be quite difficult to do every day, especially if you're a bit heavier. But after a while your legs will get used to it.

Another fat burning workout is a movement called...

Jump Squats

This exercise is especially good for people who want to increase the intensity of their cardio, without leaving the house.

Here's what you'll do: Stand in a position where your feet are shoulder width apart. Squat down keeping your back as straight as possible, and your head up until it appears as if you're almost in a sitting position.

From that position, jump up, then land falling back in to the beginning position once again.

You'll basically be jumping in place, but you'll land into a squatting position, then propel yourself upward from that position. Make sense?

You should really begin to feel it in your thighs. This is a fantastic way to do cardio at home, and is by far one of the most effective, because it incorporates so many different muscle groups, and really gets the heart beating, which is what you want.

Yes, it will be hard. So you're going to have to pace yourself with this one.

Do as many as you can on your first set, then rest for about two minutes. Repeat this until you've reached 15 minutes.

Another method for fat burning workouts is to...

Combine 3 or more exercise movements

Do the exercises one after the other with no rest in between each movement.

For example: For people who don't have any weights or other equipment.. Combine push ups, sit ups, and running in place, one following the other...

Or, do jump squats, jump ropes, followed by sit ups.

The trick here is to do one movement as many times as you can, then immediately jump into another movement with out a rest, followed by a third movement without a rest.

Once all three exercises have been done, then you rest for approximately 3 minutes- repeating the whole process all over again until you've reached 15 minutes of total workout time.

This can be done with a variety of different movements-with or without weights. These are great fat burning workouts for people at home, or in the gym. Just get creative, and pair some of your favorite exercises together and do them back to back. This style is also known as super-setting.

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Do you notice that these workouts require a lot of movement? That's exactly the key.

Moving at a pace that keeps your heart beating fast is the key to a fat burning workout. Move more, eat less for fat loss...

These kinds of cardio methods can be done at anytime of the day. There is NO best time to workout. Always workout at the time of your own convenience.

It's very important that you make your workouts feel pleasurable, instead of making them feel like a chore. This way, you'll stick with it, and look forward to it much more. So pick the time that's best for you.

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