Female Bodybuilding Tips

In Section 1 we offer female bodybuilding tips, workout tips, and nutrition advice, exclusively for women who want to get bigger and muscular.


In Section 2 of this page, we offer a program for women who want a LEAN bodybuilder look. If you Don't want mass, then Section 2 is just for you!

So first we offer mass building for females, then, the second part is for females who want the lean physique.

Section 1: Massive Muscle For Females
Section 2: Feminine Athletic Fitness

Something for everyone!

Female Bodybuilding, and free weight lifting for women. Female teen bodybuilding tips and techniques.

Section 1 - Female Bodybuilding: Muscle Mass

Female Bodybuilders! This page is just for you!

We're going to teach you everything you must know to build muscle, lose body fat, and everything else that it will take to help you feel satisfied with your bodybuilding results!

Don't be limited to only this page. Feel free to explore this site, and apply all information that you see fit.

Who says bodybuilding is just for men? Not true at all! You have the potential to build muscle too!! Let's get straight to it.

Women usually go straight for the cardio equipment, and the workout machines, which is fine for ab, cardio, and leg workouts..

But to build good upper body muscle like a female bodybuilder, you'll need to incorporate more dumbbell and barbell exercise movements, to really show off that upper body muscle.

The Machines at the gym are great isolation exercises, and most definitely have their place, but free weights are the way to go to build muscle faster, for that Female Bodybuilding physique, that you're after.

If you go to the gym, most of the women or men who have the biggest defined muscles, are usually the ones hanging out in the section where there's free weights available.

Free weights force more muscle into action within a single movement.

It calls for more stabilization, and concentration. And your muscles are responsible for 100% of the movement going upward and back down again.

Cardio and other workout machines are great, but to build muscular size and strength, most of your attention should be focused on weight training, using dumbbells and barbells.

You will burn fat just by weight lifting. Yes, weight lifting DOES burn fat. The more muscle you have, the more fat you'll burn.

If you belong to a gym, you may end up having to workout around a bunch high testosterone, growling males. But that's usually where all the best beneficial weight equipment is located at, for building a strong, well developed, bodybuilding physique.

To be a bodybuilder, you have to eat like one

And what this means, is that you will have to take in more protein, and more complex carbohydrates. But most importantly, the right kind.

How much?

You can easily build muscle by consuming 1 gram of protein for every 2 pounds of body weight. Some people prefer to go even higher than this, which is fine. But don't go anything lower than 1 gram for every 2 pounds.


Don't worry about counting these. Just make sure you're getting Complex carbohydrates in every single meal.

Complex Carbohydrates is just basically describing whole, unprocessed foods, such as: Fruits, Vegetables, Whole grains, Legumes...

Try eating every 2 to 3 hours. Your body will need this kind of nutrition supplied to it evenly throughout the day.

Post workout nutrition for Female Bodybuilding After every workout, make sure you recover the muscles.

To build muscle, and recover faster, make sure you take advantage of the few hours after an intense weight lifting workout.

Immediately after your workout, within 15 minutes of training, try to consume a meal that is loaded with protein, and carbohydrates.

This is the most important meal for someone trying to build muscle.

The best piece of advice for your post workout meal is this... Try consuming Whey powder for your protein, and some form of juice for your carbohydrates.


Because the body will utilize and absorb liquids much faster than solid food, after a workout.So make sure your recovery meal is easily able to absorb, to ensure that it gets into the muscles THAT MUCH FASTER.

Section 2: *Lean* Female Bodybuilding

Here's an awesome program called "Visual Impact"! In this program you'll see what says "Visual Impact for Women" Check that section out right here: Visual Impact For Women!

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