Food For Muscle Building
Muscle Building Meals

Food For Muscle Building. What kind of food should you eat to build muscle? How often should you eat to build muscle? Muscle building diets explained here.

Your top priority when trying to build muscle, other than building a good muscle building workout routine, is to pay close attention to the food you are consuming, to help build muscle a lot faster.

Each meal you consume throughout the day, should contain quality protein sources, complex carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids in every single meal.

What are quality protein sources?

Here's a list of the best protein sources.


What are complex carbohydrates?

Here's a list of the carbohydrates you should be eating to help build muscle.

All fruits
All Vegetables

What are essential fatty acids?

Here's a list of the kind of fats you want to consume to help build muscle.

Virgin Coconut oil
Flax oil
A variety of nuts and seeds
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Fish oils

Eat every 2 to 3 hours in the day. That's what it takes to build muscle mass. You have to feed the body. During your hard workouts you break down muscle. You then have to repair that damage. So the body rely's on the constant amino acids, the vitamins and minerals, the carbohydrates, to keep itself in an anabolic mode.

Food for muscle building comes down to this...

Eat whole unprocessed foods. Meaning, most of your foods should not be packaged. It should be whole, and it should be fresh.

Do not eat fast food. Body building is a 24 hour sport. You have to monitor your workouts and your diet constantly. You can not let your guard down.

Master the discipline of eating healthy, and you will build muscle like you never knew was possible.

If you want the body, you will have to work for it.

There are no short cuts to building muscle. If there were, more people would look like bodybuilder.

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