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My workouts are getting boring, HELP!

So... You've been following a workout program that you really enjoy, but for some apparent reason, you are beginning to lose interest, and suddenly weight lifting is becoming increasingly boring. You want to get fit. You want to build muscle, but you just find it sooooo dreadfully boring! Here's what to do...

We have to stop thinking that we have to approach our workouts the same way day after day. This is obvious for advance weight lifters, but beginners need to know it! If your workouts begin to feel like you clocking in to work, that's exactly what it'll be... work! We don't want that.

What are you itching to do today? Have you followed the exact same routine for the last few weeks, and is it now becoming stale? Well, crumble it up, and throw it away!

Today you are going to listen to your body. Your body is trying to tell you something, let's listen to it. This is what we call intuitive training.

The concept is quite simple actually... Throw the rule book out the window! Yeah you heard that correctly!

Today you are going to begin your workout with one and only one goal... you are going to feel revived and satisfied by working solely based on what feels good, no matter how many sets, how many reps, or how many different body parts you decide to work today. The goal is to have fun!

Your workout will be solely based on what you feel you want to do. Sometimes we have to occasionally not follow the play book. Not only will this throw the body off... not only will it help you defeat a plateau, it will help make those workouts fun again!!

There's just so many rules... Today you will make up your own, and will see that muscle building wasn't nearly as confusing as so many have made it to be.

We develop basic approaches to working out, but please remember, all approaches can be adjusted and tweaked.

Introduce this style of training whenever you feel overwhelmed, or whenever you feel like your current routine is becoming stale and boring.

You'll soon see, that when you allow yourself this freedom, a dreadful workout soon becomes an enjoyable one. Call it psychological.

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