Full Body Workout Routine
Watch The Fat Melt!

This full body workout routine is a great fat burning workout. Intense workout routines like this help burn fat and show off that muscle definition. If you are looking for toning workout routines, A.K.A fat burning muscle sparing workouts, this is something to try out.

This routine is for those who are looking to burn fat as fast as humanly possible. The typical approach to building muscle mass will not be used in this routine. But don't worry, you won't lose muscle by using this...

This workout routine is mainly for fat burning or increasing muscle definition... perfect to add to your workout routines when ever you feel you need a fat burning boost!

The way to do this routine is to go from one exercise to the next without a rest. Once all 4 sets are complete for each superset or triset, you can then rest for no longer than 2 minutes before moving on to your next exercises.

This is all done on one day...

Tri-set (doing three movements back to back without a rest) 4 sets a piece... Example: The three exercises below should be done one after the other a total of 4 times, take a 2 minute rest, then move on to the next group of exercises.

Pullup - Back

Upright row - Shoulders

Flat fly - Chest


4 sets a piece...

Alternating dumbbell curl - Biceps

Lying Tricep Extensions - Triceps

Incline fly - Chest


Superset (doing two movements back to back without a rest) 4 sets a piece...

Dumbbell Shoulder press - Shoulders

Bentover dumbbell row - Back


4 sets a piece...

Decline bench press - Chest

EZ barbell curl - Biceps


4 sets a piece...

Dips - Shoulders, Triceps, Chest

Lateral raise or shoulder fly - Shoulders

This routine should take you approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to fully complete.

This is definitely NOT a workout that you should do too often. Add it to other workout routines for a shift in intensity, to burn extra fat, or if you just want a new challenge; just periodically add it to shock your muscles.

You'll want to add new exercises, and try new workout routines on a regular basis. This ultimately helps you grow.

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