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How to gain muscle mass, and how to gain weight quickly. FAQ for building lean muscle mass.

Q: I'm a teen bodybuilder who wants more size. I eat everything in sight, and lift heavy, but still do not see any results for building mass, or gaining weight. What can I do?

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A: Check out the Ectomorph body type.

You must incorporate Mass building exercises: Dead-lifts, Squats, and all Pressing Motions.

Post workout nutrition is also important, so make sure to eat immediately after every workout.

Spike your insulin by alternating high glycemic and low glycemic meals. This will deliver more of the food to your muscles and will also help increase your appetite.

Q: Hi, I want to be a female teen bodybuilder, how do I approach bodybuilding, and what do I do that's any different from the males?

A: Hi. Short answer: Nothing. You workout using the same movements and apply all the same basic principles that males use. Muscle is muscle.

You produce less testosterone than males, so you may not get as big with the natural bodybuilding approach, but you workout and eat the same.

Q: Hi. I've done all that you've said, and I'm seeing results, but what can I do to gain muscle mass on certain parts of my body?
Like the biceps... How can I make them peak more?

A: It's really simple actually. You'll be able to peak your biceps if use lighter weight with slower controlled form.

Focus on isolation movements that work one arm at a time, so that you can pay more attention to the contraction, and give special attention to each individual arm.

Lower the weight slowly, then bring the weight back up, squeeze and flex at the top of the movement.

To shape the biceps, you don't need much weight at all. Lighter weight is the key to great biceps. Save the heavier weight for the pressing motions.

Q: How can I build lean muscle mass, if I don't have an appetite?
I'm never hungry!

A: Any of these herbs used in a tea form, will help increase your appetite:

Barberry, Dandelion, Golden seal, Ground Ivy, Hops, Horseradish, Oat straw, Parsley, Safflower, Thyme, Peppermint tea.

Saw Palmetto berry helps, and you could add cinnamon, garlic, or ginger to your food and that can help too.

Q: If I'm trying to gain muscle mass, can I still do some cardio?

A: Yes. The thing about cardio is that doing too much, too often can interfere with building muscle mass.

But cardio is so incredibly good for you, that everyone should do it. Just know, that it CAN interfere when trying to gain weight. So if mass is your plan, then cardio should be set to a minimum.

Q: How long will it take to build up some lean muscle mass?
How much weight can I expect to gain, and how soon?

A: Theory has it, that the human body is only capable of building up to 1 pound of muscle a week, and 1 pound is really pushing it to the limits.

If you're following EVERYTHING on this site, and you're not missing a single page, then you can expect to build a good amount of weight each month.

Everyone's muscle building progress is different.
But just know, you will gain weight, and you will gain muscle mass.
Be patient, be consistent, and be determined. You will get there!

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