The Strategy To Gain Muscle Mass

You will find some very useful information regarding how to build muscle mass from this page. Frequently asked questions on how to gain muscle mass. Find the answer to help YOU build your best body.

Q: For a person that's just starting out, what is the fastest way to build muscle mass?

A: Short answer: Start your weight training by allowing your muscles to get used to the weights; go to the workout routine section, and look at the beginner routine(s).

The fastest way to gain muscle mass, is to lift the weight with short bursts of power, and a decent amount of repetitions, 8 to 12 reps for your first set is plenty.

Eat! And eat often! High proteins. Lots of carbs. Carbs are very much needed for mass.

Q: Hi. I'm looking to build lean mass on the chest area. I have no problems building mass or muscle anywhere else, but my chest seems to lack the size that the rest of my other muscles have. What can I do?

A: Good question. It's normal to have at least one problem area. Be sure to give special attention to your chest exercises throughout the week.

By incorporating NEW movements, you'll be able to SHOCK the problem area into new growth. Do unfamiliar movements and see how that works.

Also, change the order in which you do the movements.

Typically people do press movements right at the beginning. Why not try doing flys at the beginning? That will definitely deliver a different kind of intensity and force the chest muscle to work hard right at the early stages of the workout.

Doing flys almost exclusively works the chest-Better isolation, potentially more stress = Growth.

Q: How to gain weight?

A: Eat more. Lift heavier. Weight train for no longer than 60 minutes every other day.

Remember this: When trying to gain muscle mass, working out for too many consecutive days, and for longer than 60 minutes in each workout, WILL NOT HELP YOU. More training, is not always better when it comes to gaining mass.

Q: Can I build muscle and gain muscle mass like a professional bodybuilder, without taking steroids?

A: Yes. In fact, you can build muscle and be healthy. Going all natural is the way to go!

The only advantage that someone may have by taking steroids, is that they may be able to build muscle faster. But with all the possible side effects, and the amount of money you would have to fork out, it's better to just go all natural.

Q: Will weight gain powder or weight gain shakes work?

A: Will it work....

Usually weight gain shakes are consisted of high sugars and whey protein, with a little bit a vitamins added.

They deliver lots of calories, so if it's calories that you're after, then yes, it'll help supply calories. But not necessarily healthy calories.

Weight gaining powder can help you get extra calories, but don't expect it to do anything miraculous by delivering 10 lbs of muscle.

Sure, you could take it...

But you could also take whey protein and dump a whole bunch of sugar in that too...

Take weight gain shakes sparingly. Eat real food to help gain muscle mass. Weight gain shakes are best if taken after workouts, because the body will most likely utilize all that sugar, in such a better more efficient way.

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