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Question: How to pick up muscle from current weight (70kgs) to 75kgs?

28yrs old & working out for 5years. I am in between , muscular/lean but still slightly skinny : evaluation done a few days ago: height 173cm, weight 72.5kgs, muscle mass 37.1kg, body fat mass 7.8kg, body fat 10%

Weight training 4days a week for about 45mins - 1hour. 1 session a week of HIT cardio or steady state

Monday: Chest & Triceps
BB Bench Press 4sets 10,8,8,6
Incline Bench 3sets 8,8,6
decline bench 3sets 8,8,6
DB flys 2sets 10,10
DB pullover 2sets 8,8
Tricep ext 4sets 10,8,8,6
Tricep dip 3sets 10,10,10
Tricep bench dip3sets 8,8,8

Tuesday: Back & Biceps
BB deadlift 3sets 12-15
Chin up 2sets 8,8
1 arm db row 3sets 8,8,8
seated row 3sets 8,8,8
bent over bb row 2sets 8,8
Lat pull down 3sets 10,8,8
Standing BB curl 3sets 8,8,6
Close grip preacher curl 3sets 8,8,6
Incline DB curl 2sets 12-14
Concentration curl 2sets 10

Thursday: Shoulders & Traps
Machine shoulder press 3sets 10,10,10
DB reverse fly 3sets 8-10reps
military press 4sets 10,10,10,10
DB lateral raise 2sets 10,10
DB shrugs 2sets 10,10
upright row 2sets 10,10
wrist curl 4sets 10,10,10,10
BB wrist curl 4sets 10,10,10,10

Friday: Legs
Squat 5sets 10,8,8,6,4
Stiff leg deads 3sets 10-12
Leg extension 3sets 12,12,12
Leg Curl 3sets 12,12,12
standing calf raise 4sets 15-20reps
seated calf raise 2sets 12,12

I would like to increase my muscle size, basically get more muscular but still maintain good definition. I was 68kgs a month and a half back but now that football/soccer season is over I would like to hit the 75kg mark with my body fat under 10% still and have already gained a few kgs to be at 72kgs with body fat etc.

100grams Evox 5XL meal replacement 41g protein & 47g carbs per serving twice daily and then pre workout di-creatine mixed with evox 3DT, post workout 150g serving of 5XL and add in 52grams pure carbs. on non workout days i just have 1 x 100gram serving of 5XL as above.

I eat roughly 6-7meals a day eg. 6am breakfast would be future life cereal (50g serving
= 837kj with 9g protein,30g glycemic carbs), I would then have 2boiled eggs and toast or bacon and eggs afterwards: around 10am i will have a small portion of fish or chicken breast with rice or pasta and similarly at 12.30pm & 3pm with meal replacement shakes on workout days at about 11am and 4pm. pre workout at 5pm & gym 5:30pm after which i have a meal replacement.

Supper will be meat/fish with pasta or curry or whatever was made as I usually eat whatever there is as not too fussy (i can do better here) and then i might have a late snack of peanut butter on 1slice of wholewheat or brown bread with a glass of milk.

advice regarding if I need to supplement better, if my workout plan is correct for what i want to achieve, how do i go about achieving that extra 3kgs of muscle as I am already currently at my heaviest weight.

I usually stay slim and at about 68kgs during soccer season as i struggle to eat sufficient and maintain my weight in the 70kg region. I usually try and gain muscle in the off season which is now in time for summer to at least look decent in a t-shirt and with my shirt off. My highest weight is 72kgs.

Answer: It's a simple remedy actually...

Decrease the sets.
Decrease the amount of exercises you do.

People build much more muscle by doing half the work.

Continue doing your cardio. You can even continue working out the same amount of days per week.

The only thing to change, would be the volume in each workout.

Instead of doing 3 sets, do 1.

If you execute each repetition correctly, there's no need for a second or third set.

Most use momentum, and don't even know it.

How to reduce momentum?

Use lighter weight, and move the weight slower. Pause at the top, and then begin to lower...

So what are we telling you to do?

Workout less, for more gain.

By doing this, you will be able to increase the weight you're lifting regularly, and thus increase muscle size faster.

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