Get Big With Heavy Weight or Light Weight?

by Jake

Heavy Weight Or Light Weight?

Question: Hi I was just wondering what to do. I hear many different things like in order to get bigger, lift heavier weight with low reps.

I've also heard in order to get big you do the opposite... do less weight with reps from 8-12.

I've always heard that low weight and higher reps are for building lean muscle and staying slim and lean.

My goal is to get big. Gain more weight and more muscle mass and look thick. An example of the look I'm going for is Tom Hardy when he played in the movie Warrior.

Answer: We understand that this can be confusing, so we'll try to explain this in great detail! We'll even give you recommended pages to make this super easy to follow! So, let's get at it...

There are different body types. Each body type builds muscle differently from one another.

Learn which body type you are - It'll at least give you a better understanding of how to approach your diet and workout routines according to your personal body type.

You can go see which body type you are, right here: What Is My Body Type?

Okay, in regards to your actual question, about how many reps to do to get bigger...

High reps... Low reps... Which one?

Well, a combination of both!

It's good to give your body VARIETY!

We have a workout routine that
will give you just that. Check it out right here: Weight Training Workout Routine

So in that routine, you'd be getting a combination of heavy weight training, moderate weight training, and light weight training. <<That is a good combination for growth.

So, what you've learned here, is:

1. To better understand your body type.

2. And, that you don't have to be confused about rep ranges, because no 1 single approach is effective. Rather, combine high and low.


Special Tip:

For the majority of the time, the 8 to 12 rep range works very well.

Sometimes, and only sometimes, you can offer the body heavier weight, with lower reps, to throw things off a bit. Make sense?

In the 8 to 12 rep range, the best way to get big with this 8 to 12 rep range, is to NOT use momentum, and to use strict form.

To make sure that you are using strict form, it should take you 3 seconds to move up, and 3 seconds to move the weight back down again.

It's not about how much weight you can lift, it's about the contraction of the repetition.

For body types:
(Link opens in a new window)
What Is My Body Type?

For a workout that involves high and low reps:
(Link opens in a new window)
Weight Training Workout Routine

For our 7 Day e-Course:
(Link opens in a new window)
Weight Gain Tips Course

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