Getting Big While Getting Cut


Hi I'm 18 years old and weigh about 150 pounds. I was wondering how i could get bigger but still have ripped abs without getting on a restricted diet because i heard that i need to eat a lot to get bigger. I know cardio will help but i don't want to affect none of the muscle I'm building, i just want to add more muscle but lose the extra fat. Any information will help thank you.

Answer: The Bodybuilding industry is loaded with misinformation, and it's of no surprise that so many people believe they have to eat a ton of food to achieve muscle building results, but then you gain too much body fat that covers the abs...

The solution lies in a balancing act. On days that you are weight lifting, eat more, on days that you are not weight lifting, eat less.

Don't eat to get big. Eat nutritious foods. These foods will fill you up much more than junk food. Your body will get the nutrition that it needs to build muscle, and in turn you won't eat as much allowing you to get bigger and get cut at the same time.

Move more, eat less. Weight train every other day, on those days off do cardio.

Each meal should contain a lean protein source, high fiber, and a low fat healthy fat source. Most people do the opposite and eat foods that are high in fat, high in sugar, low in protein, low in fiber, and is virtually depleted of enzymes and vitamins and minerals, then wonder why they are not building muscle or seeing their desired results.

Train hard, eat smart, rest and recuperate.

Write down how many calories you are consuming each day, after a while it'll become second nature.

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