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First I would like to say thank you for putting such an informative site together!

So what do you think of the P/RR/S workout routine created by Eric Broser?

I just wanted to get your take on it, since I have been using your site for a year now and have gotten such good results from your information.

Thanks. Are you referring to the Power Rep Range SHOCK workout routine (P/RR/S)?

I would highly recommend it!

Just to recap for anyone who does not know what the Power/Rep Range/SHOCK workout routine is all about, I'll give you a 'brief' summary of how it works...

The idea is to stimulate as many muscle fibers as you can. Each week you introduce a different training intensity. For example:

Week 1: Power Training
Rep Goal: 4-6 reps per set
Rest Between Sets: 4-5 minutes
(Focus more on compound exercises)

Week 2: Rep Range
Rep Goal: 7-9 for your first exercise, 10-12 for your second exercise, 13-15 for your third exercise.
Rest Between Sets: 2-3 minutes

Week 3: Shock the body
Rep Goal: 8-10 (do a dropset for your last exercise 8-10, drop, 6-8)
Rest Between Sets: cardiovascular and mental recovery
(with week 3 you would be doing super-sets)

So as you can see there's much room for getting creative with this style of working out since the bottom line is really all about changing the intensity by changing how many reps you do, which in turn helps you to stimulate as many muscle fibers as possible.

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