Healthy Tips and Suggestions For Building Mass

One thing to remember when building mass, is that eating high calories can most certainly help by keeping you in a positive nitrogen balance, but not all calories are created equal.

Muscle Mass For The Hard Gainer Part 7/7

Even though you are wanting to gain weight, and may actually have to increase your calories to do so, you still have got to eat healthy to make this work...

And what this means, is that high sugar foods, deep fried foods, extremely high sodium foods, all must be avoided. There's no sense in giving yourself a heart attack in an attempt to get bigger. So please take your health into consideration during every meal.

Stay away from most packaged foods, and ingredient that you cannot pronounce or have never heard of before. If you cannot pronounce what it is that is in your food, then there's a good chance you don't know what it is you are eating, right?

Create a muscle building "healthy to do list."

Have something that you do daily... something that is great for your body... can help you feel good about yourself, and feel accomplished.

Get into the habit of building muscle the healthy way.

1. Every morning, drink a fruit and vegetable smoothie, or a blended drink. Get yourself a blender, and add fruits and vegetables.

Do this every morning. How often are you getting good nutrition? By doing this simple little thing every morning, you are guaranteeing that your body gets the nutrition it needs.

Let's face it, most people rarely eat these whole foods. Why not guarantee your body that it gets this kind of nutrition by dedicating every morning breakfast to be comprised of this kind of nutrition?

It will help your muscles grow! The vitamins and minerals WILL help with your muscle building results!

2. Participate in some form of activity to keep yourself in the best shape possible. If you aren't doing your regular weight training, and you're taking a day off from weights, go for a 30 minute walk. Do something daily. Sports, cardio, a long walk, a bike ride...

3. Every day that you worked out, write what you did down on paper. Write down what exercises you did, how many sets you did, and how much weight you used.

Every week when you start a new routine, you can see how much weight you are increasing, by comparing notes from previous weeks.

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