High Reps or Low Reps?

by Jack
(UK )


A recent workout exercise I have tried, is to go from a high training weight and doing 8 reps, and then gradually decreasing the weight and increasing the reps, so the last set will be on a far lower weight and about 20 reps. For example weight of 45 and 8 reps, then gradually decreasing to a weight of 5, 20 reps. Will this help bulk or tone or both? Or should I just do more sets on high weight low rep?

This strategy of working out could be an effective intensity change for your workout routines when used sparingly. This isn't something you would want to do too frequently, but it does have its place for the occasional change of pace that the muscle will require to move past plateaus, and back on track with muscle growth.

A combination of high and low rep ranges is the best. This can help you target fast and slow twitch muscle fibers.

A better question to ask yourself is, how do you feel when doing it?

The thing about weight training, as you will soon discover, is that what once felt effective as a routine, will soon feel like a dead end road...

What this means, is that something that worked last month as an effective way to build muscle, may not be appropriate this month. Things have to keep changing in one way or another.

When making changes, the thing to remember is to keep challenging yourself... And if that means to drop weight and keep moving the bar, so be it. But, that too will become too easy, and noneffective at some point, which will mean things will have to change yet again.

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