Higher Volume Workouts For Different Muscles

Question: Higher volume workouts for different muscles? I keep hearing all sorts of different things about overtraining certain muscle groups and stuff, for example, I hear a lot about how you "aren't supposed to do too many sets on biceps and triceps because they are small muscle groups" but I see people completely destroying those muscles in the gym all the time and their arms are huge.

Even with bigger muscle groups like chest, some say not to do high volume workouts, some say to completely burn the muscles out, and I'm not sure what to go by. Basically what I'm asking is what muscles can handle high volume workouts and which ones can't? And should I burn out the muscle at the end of the workout?

Answer: Yeah there's a lot of so called "right and wrong ways to build muscle" but to be perfectly honest, you have many options.

Some store fat more than others, and do higher volume to burn more calories, some have a fast metabolism and cannot gain weight so they do the opposite...

You won't do any harm by doing high volume training. The body likes a frequent change. The problem wouldn't really be high volume or low volume training, the problem would be sticking to only one or the other... Do both.

Yes, burning out the muscles at the end of the workout are good to do occasionally.
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