How Do I Gain Muscle Mass

by Joshua Lowery
(Redsprings, NC)

A question about how to build muscle, especially in the legs. And don't miss our free 4 week workout program that we highly recommend!

I'm 20 yrs old and have been working out for a year on and off. My legs are skinny but my upper body is muscular.

When I did work out it was everyday of the week for 2 hrs except for Sundays and Saturdays.

I'm looking to gain about 40 pounds of rock hard muscle, especially in my legs, and to get my legs stronger, as well as my upper body. I'm looking for some kind of work out plan to go by, everyday.

More about me:
I'm 20 years old I live in Red Springs NC, I'm 6 ft tall, and right now weigh 163 pounds. I love to lift weights and get big, I just wish I could stay that way...

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Most people who are looking to put on mass, do so by doing shorter workouts, but making each workout set more intense by moving the weight slower for the best muscular contraction. It's not so much about the weight you use, or how many sets you can perform... It's all about perfecting the contraction. Fully engage your muscle, rep after rep. This is crucial.

To build your legs, squats are your best option.

Work your legs only once a week, nothing more. You build when you're resting (on your days off), and when you are providing your body with the right nutrition.

When doing squats, move the weight slow in a controlled manner. 2 to 4 seconds up, pause, then 2 to 4 seconds back down again. No momentum is to be used. This will isolate your legs to the fullest.

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