How Much Weight To Use

by amy
(South FL)


How to Set up a Work-out Routine including information of Weight Amounts?

I saw a bunch of workout routines on your site, however, I can't seem to find any that include how much weight to use.

10 years back in high school, I used to work out and each week they switched how many sets and reps you were supposed to do and they also told you (actually you used a chart) what weights to use based off of your max weight.

For example, this week do 3 sets of 8-10-12 repetitions and use (fill in) percentage of your max weight and use the chart to calculate what to lift. Where can I find a program like this?

A simple answer is, we don't have a program like that. Never heard of it...

Now, moving onto why we don't tell you how much to lift..

You said... "I can't seem to find any that include how much weight to use."

We never tell people how much weight to use. We only suggest rep ranges and sets. Why? Because each person who visits the site may lift more or less than others.

If we say do 10 reps for example, but you are able to do 20 reps, well then naturally you would increase the weight until it becomes heavy enough. That's the only "chart" that is needed for the workout routines here.

You can stimulate the muscles into new growth by changing your workouts. There are enough workout routines here to do that.

With the workout routines available on the site, if it says do 10 reps, that would mean you would have to experiment with different amounts of weight until you figure out how much you can personally lift, and for how many times you can lift it for.

Try each of our workouts, and naturally your rep ranges and sets will change because each workout is different... Different enough to keep the muscles guessing.

You also have the choice of tweaking the workouts too!

The system you used 10 years ago is only 1 system of so many to choose from. How to get the best results? Use what we have, they're the best, that's why they are here.

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