How often should I change my routine for preventing plateau?

by shafi
(jeddah saudi arabia)


Suppose I am doing bench presses first and then chin ups last... Then change the order, like doing Chin ups first and then bench presses. In this way, can I prevent a plateau?

You'll know if you're plateauing or not, because when a person experiences a plateau...

1. They typically experience a lack of enthusiasm for that particular workout.

2. Their muscle gains or progress starts slowing down.

3. Or the body will begin resisting by making it more difficult to lift what ever you were last week.

To continue making gains, slight changes or small modifications made every few weeks can make a huge difference.

Changing the order of the exercises like you mentioned, would be a good thing to try.

You can change the order of exercises. You can add more weight... Just simple changes like this will make a world of difference.

We want to make it so that the body doesn't adapt, because when it does, it begins to resist.

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