How To Build Abs Over 50

by Rick

How to get 6 pack abs? Is it possible to build 6 pack abs when you are in your 50's?

Hi I'm 52 years old I have been working out 2 years consistently doing extreme workouts with Shaun T Insanity, and Tony Horton P90X Workout Dvd's, and still have not accomplished all of my fitness goals that I would like to accomplish in getting 6 pack abs.

Is this possible at 52? Yes I have lost weight and have more muscle mass, but little in my midsection.

Yes, it is very much possible to build abs in your 50's.

Perhaps you may find the following pages useful:

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Information on building abs:
How To Build Abs

Flat Stomach e-Course:
Build Abs Lose Body Fat e-Course

Awesome program to try:
Customized Fat Loss

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