How To Build Abs - Ever Wonder How?

How to build abs? On this page we'll nail practically every common question asked and provide an answer for it, for people who are looking to get abs, and lose belly fat for that flat stomach or for those six pack abs.

Q: I'm skinny, but I still can't see my abs, why? How to build abs for the skinny guy?

A: - There could be different reasons for this, try the following:

1. Add more intensity to your ab workouts. Force the abs to contract more by making the ab workout harder. When doing crunches or sit ups or any ab exercise, do the movements slower, or hold onto a 10-25 lb plate across the chest. This helps the abs grow bigger and stronger, and is bound to make them visible over time.

With ab workouts, it's not about quantity, it's about the quality of the movement. Use strict form, even if it forces you to do less reps.

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Q: I'm pretty built... big arms, big chest etc... I have decent muscle size but I cannot see my ab muscles at all! What can I do to lose belly fat without losing my muscle size? I want my abs to stand out, without sacrificing muscle mass. How to build abs and maintain muscle.

A: - You're going to have to concentrate more on diet, and add more cardio activities. Here's a page on calculating your Calories intake per day. Come back once you've read it.

Now, if you lose any mass at all, it will most likely be fat. So if you start cutting or creating slight calorie restrictions and adding more physical activity, the first thing your body will use is the stored body fat as an energy source.

Basically, if you're BIG and muscular, and you cannot see your abs, there's a pretty good chance that most of that "mass" is body fat that gives you the appearance of being bigger and more muscular.

To see your abs, you will have to sacrifice SOME mass. But the truth is, you will actually look bigger once you've lost the body fat, because then you'll see definition up top that you've never seen before.

1. Lower calories.
2. Increase cardio.
3. Don't lower the amount of weight you lift.

Q: I'm losing weight in an attempt to see more definition. I'm cutting calories, I'm doing more cardio, but I feel like my muscles are just getting more soft, and losing size. I've lost several pounds in the last month.

A: - This happens when people cut too many calories at once. When you create extreme restrictions, and then increase activity, your body panics, and does not burn fat anymore. The body begins to burn its own muscle.

You should not be losing anything more than 1 pound per week. Weight loss should be a slow and steady progress. This will ensure that you spare muscle tissue keeping you in an anabolic fat burning mode all the time.

Q: How to make the lines deeper in my abs... meaning, how can I make the skin conform more to the abs like elastic. Sometimes you see people with deep cuts that make the abs pop out like blocks.. How can I get that look?

A: - A combination of things actually.

1. Burn more fat - Increase cardio.
2. Build stronger abdominal's that push out more.
3. You could be retaining a little water. Parsley Leaf, Uva Ursi Leaf Extract, Short Buchu Leaf Extract, and Juniper Berry Extract have a slight Diuretic effect and could help flush out retained water.

Sometimes when we lose bodyfat, we have access skin that remains. Eventually that access skin will tighten up, and the abs will become more pronounced as time passes.

Q: My abs aren't symmetrical (aren't "even" on both sides) How to build abs and make my abs line up, and look better?

A: - This could be partially genetics, and partially because you've worked out on un-even ground causing one side of the abs to grow slightly different. For the side that you feel needs some improvement, focus on that side MORE when doing the ab exercises. If this doesn't work, then you might just have to accept what you have...

Special tips on how to build abs:

The ab muscle itself is not hard to build. What people typically have problems with, is making the abdominal muscles visible. So 9 times of 10, the situation is almost always about losing more body fat.

How to build abs - Don't starve yourself. You need balance. Some people have cravings and want to just eat everything because they put themselves under such extreme restrictions in an attempt to lose fat faster, but in all actuality, you just slow your results down.

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