How To Build Muscle and Lose Fat For A Teenager

by Scotty


I am 15 and haven't had any workout plans set in place before for a long period of time but have been consistently doing different types of exercises for the last 6 months.

My body type is endomorph, I'm 156cm tall and 50kg, I have lost some fat but can't get rid of stubborn chest, love handle and stomach fat. I am only going to be 171cm tall when fully grown.

I am involved in many sports which take up most days and nights so I only properly work out during the season 1-2 times per week, it's now the off season so I workout 3 times per week doing medium cardio everyday.

I don't have any set workout yet but I do 3 sets of 10 reps. I do chest and back Monday, legs Wednesday and shoulders, traps and arms Friday.

My goal is to be a professional sports player as I am good at my chosen sport but because I am extremely lacking in height I'm hoping to make up for it in muscle. It is also extremely hard to lose fat for me and need to be lean to perform at my peek.

I don't currently take any supplements but want to so that I can maximize the results I get from the effort I put in.

I start my day with breakfast, either a bowl of cereal or two pieces of toast, then have a snack, normally a banana and yogurt and sometimes some biscuits as well. For lunch a meat and salad sandwich. In the afternoon I have a fruit smoothie or two pieces of bread
with tomato, cream cheese and pepper. For dinner I have either pastas, some sort of chicken or meat or fish with potato and salad or vegetables.

How can I organize the diet, supplements and workouts so that I can get to my peek physical performance? Can you please suggest a meal plan, supplements and workouts for my needs?

The sport I play requires stamina, speed, explosiveness and all round toughness. I have recently found out that I'm only going to be 171cm tall and need muscle so that I can compete at an elite level. Scouts for the sport are already looking at players my age but I am being overlooked because of my size. I am extremely determined and mentally tough so if you could help me with a good plan I will do everything I can to achieve my goals. My dads side of the family has a history of being obese so I have unfortunately acquired those genetics but I am working very hard to change this.

First and foremost, this whole site is dedicated to creating workout plans, and gives advice for building muscle and losing fat. Spend some more time looking around, you'll find lots of pages dedicated to helping people in your position.

As for body fat, remove sugars out of your diet. This alone, will help you lose body fat.

Read the ingredients of everything you eat. If sugar is in the ingredients of anything you want to consume, simply DON'T eat it.

All sugars that you DO consume, should occur naturally in the food, and not be placed in the food as a flavor.

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