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Q: Is there a specific workout routine that I should be doing that would help me lose body fat faster? Are the routines that you have available on your workout routines page only for people trying to be a bodybuilder?

A: Hi. Lifting weights and lowering calories alone, will help you burn fat. The more muscle you have on your body, the more fat you will be able to lose.

Doing cardio will help you burn fat even faster. To top it off, lowering calories, doing cardio, and weight lifting, will help you lose fat that much faster. Use the workout routines made available on the routines section, add cardio, and reduce your calories, and you will lose body fat.

For your second question... No, actually the workouts are for anyone wanting to get in great shape, no matter what your goal is. We have many different workout routines ranging from fat loss workouts - to muscle building workouts.

If you need something more in-depth, such as a program that has training instructions, nutrition tips, exercise descriptions written out so that you understand how to perform each exercise properly... And if you are looking to lose several pounds a month, you'll greatly benefit from: 1000 Calorie Challenge.

Q: I want to lose more fat, but I don't want to run. What can I do in place of running that would be just as effective for losing body fat?

A: Hi. There's a page on workout ideas that you can do at home without any equipment at all. Try out some of those ideas and see how well you like them.

3 pages on workout ideas you can do at home without equipment.

Q: I want to lose more fat, but I'm afraid I will lose my muscle mass if I add too much cardio. What's the best way to burn fat without losing muscle?

A: Don't worry about losing muscle unless you have a body fat percentage of 5%, which is highly unlikely for a person to be at all year round.

The body will not burn off muscle tissue unless it doesn't have any other options available for a fuel source.

Take days off during the week, and make sure you're eating to fuel the body, and you will not have anything to worry about.

The body uses glucose as its main energy source, then stored body fat, then as an absolute last resort, the body may use your muscle as an energy source. Which is highly unlikely unless you were starving yourself.

You won't lose your muscle.

Q: I have a tendency to store fat on my stomach and on my legs, what exercises would help me remove the fat from those areas?

A: Hi. What you're asking for is an exercise that will help remove fat from a specific area, also known as "spot removal." It doesn't exist.

If you do leg exercises, that doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to lose fat from the legs. If you did ab exercises, it will not be enough to burn fat from the stomach. You cannot decided where the fat will be removed from. The body will decide that randomly.

All YOU can do is burn fat by lowering your calories, exercise with weights, and do more cardio. When you do that, you will lose body fat everywhere, and eventually your problem areas will no longer be there.

You will have to burn fat everywhere before you see fat loss in one specific area.

Example: You will never see an obese person with a six pack. The people you see with a six pack, are people who have over-all body fat loss. If the obese person wanted a six pack, they would have to burn fat off their entire body first. This applies to everyone, no matter what your current condition is.

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For more fat burning tips, see Ordinary Joe Muscle Building - your muscle building fitness resource for the ordinary Jane and Joe.

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