How To Burn More Calories Easily

by Vince
(Scranton, PA)


What's a good way to burn a few extra calories besides running or any other form of cardio?

I'm looking to tighten up a bit around the stomach, and I know I need to create a calorie deficit, but I hate lowering my calories, and very much dislike running.

Any tips for burning more calories or creating a calorie deficit to help with more fat loss, but at the same time maintain muscle?

Further details about me:
I'm 29, Male, 5'9, 215 pounds, 10-15% body fat, and I mostly work out with free weights if that helps you answer my question.

How to burn more calories...

You would be surprised, but there are a lot of people who relate to you.

Cardio and lowering calories is a great way to create a calorie deficit, but there are other options.

To burn more calories try this:

At the end of every weight lifting workout, do a little something called burn outs.

After you've already performed all of your sets the way you typically do, go ahead and lighten the weight and perform higher rep sets for about 10 to 20 minutes.

After you've already worked the muscles, you will then continue working them with lower weight for an extended period to help burn more calories.

You would basically use light weight at the end of your workout, pick an exercise you enjoy doing, and start in on your reps.

This will help burn more calories, and you can do this without having any problems with losing muscle mass. Do it at the end of your workout only, not at the beginning.

How many reps?

That's totally up to you. This technique is meant to burn more calories, so the more movement the better!

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