How To Gain Muscle Mass
Common Questions Answered

How to gain muscle mass? Tips for gaining weight and building lean muscle mass. Bodybuilding advice for faster gains.

Q: Are weight gain shakes good for mass building?

A: No. Weight gainer shakes are loaded with sugar/corn syrup and whey protein. That's not good enough. Sugar is not good for mass building.

Q: Should I do cardio when I am trying to build more muscle mass?

A: Cardio is good for your heart, you should still do cardio.

Q: How many reps are good for me if I want to build muscle and gain more weight?

A: Lower rep ranges around 6 to 8 are good, and periodically introducing rep ranges of 10 to 12 are good to throw the body off into new growth by stimulating more muscle fibers. Introduce different rep ranges. This stimulates more muscle growth.

Q: Are carbs good for building muscle mass?

A: Yes! But don't just eat any and all forms of carbohydrates. Eat whole unprocessed carbohydrates.

Q: Is fast food okay every once in a while when I want to gain weight?

A: No! Bodybuilders regardless of their goal still have to monitor what they are eating. Eating junk food will be detrimental to your muscle building results. You can eat more calories, but those calories should be in the form of healthy foods, no exceptions.

Q: What do you think of creatine?

A: Creatine is pretty good for increasing ATP in the muscles. This will help with a few extra reps and may even help you lift slightly more weight during your workouts. Be sure to cycle off creatine for best results. And for more information, go to our Food & Supplement page for in depth creatine information.

Q: How many calories per day should I eat to gain more weight?

A: How to gain muscle mass with more calories: Assuming you are active, multiply your current weight by 15. An example: 200 (example weight) x 15 = 3000. Add 500, and that's how much you should eat to gain. 200 x 15 = 3000. 3000 + 500 = 3500. This is a 500 calorie increase and is perfect for weight gain. You could even take in a little less and still be fine. Having this surplus would help you gain more weight.

Q: How long should my workouts be?

A: 45 to 60 minute weight lifting workouts are plenty.

Q: When trying to build mass and gain more weight, should I do my weight lifting in the morning?

A: This depends on what is convenient for you. Fit your workouts in with your schedule. As long as you are working out, that's what matters.

Q: Are deadlifts and squats good mass building exercises?

A: Yes. Any exercise that incorporates multiple muscles to perform the exercise is great for mass building. Squats, deadlifts, bench presses, shoulder presses to name a few, are good mass building exercises, also known as compound exercises.

Q: How to gain weight, but not get fat? I'm looking for lean muscle gains.

A: It's a combination of things: If you eat enough calories from the right healthy nutritious foods, in combination with stimulating your muscles through vigorous exercise, those muscles will absorb that nutrition and build bigger muscles. The body will utilize the extra calories for muscle growth. But this won't happen over night.

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