How To Gain Muscle
Faster Than You Are Now

How to build muscle mass? The ways in which bodybuilders build muscle faster than they used to. Are you curious how?

How To Gain Muscle # 1

To build muscle mass... To get huge... The first thing that's important to remember, is something you may never have thought of. Not the supplements. Not the food. Nope, not the recovery process...

The Answer? The way in which you contract the muscle. I guess you could say this falls into the category of working out... But there's so much more to it.

Most who think of "workout" think of reps, sets, and exercises within a grueling session at the gym.

But the real process of a workout routine is to break down the muscle, with the most resistance, in the least amount of time. And that doesn't necessarily mean a ton of sets and reps.

You need to maximize your work load efficiently with precise timing, and effective muscular contractions, to get the most out of every rep.

How To Gain Muscle # 2

Yes the contraction of the muscle and the progressive work-load is a fundamental.

But another thing that's important, is not necessarily the monitoring of calories like so many think it is. Actually, it has a lot more to do with food timing, and food combination. I bet you didn't know that one!

The preparation of: 1. The right ingredients, 2. Food combination, 3. And the timing in which you eat the food, will literally increase muscle size and keep your body-fat percentage VERY low, while keeping your bodies muscle percentage very high!

How To Gain Muscle # 3

So far you've learned that the muscle contraction, food timing, and food combination can litterally make, or break you.

But here's 1 more thing to add to that list...

How long you spend on your workouts, can increase, or decrease your muscle size.

Are you working out too long?

Are your workouts too short?

Are you preventing growth? You probably are, unfortunately.

It's important to know this, as this information can literally determine the results you get, and how fast you will get the results that you are wanting.

How To Gain Muscle # 4

Are your exercises hurting your progress?

Some exercises that have been popularized, do virtually nothing for the appearance you are wanting. Are you choosing these exercises?

It would be a shame to know that you've been on the wrong track all this time... Think about it... What could you have looked like, if you did all the right things sooner?

The best exercises are usually never discussed by most experts...

To Build Muscle Mass, Here Are Some Critical Things To Remember:

1. The contraction of the muscle during the workouts, are VERY important in the process of development. You must learn how to contract the muscles if you are ever going to start building the body you want.

2. The timing of the food, and what you are combining in each meal can literally turn your body into a muscle building, fat burning machine. Learning this can save you a lot of time and hassle.

3. The length of time you spend on working each muscle, how many times per week you workout, and the length of time you spend on each workout, have a huge importance on whether or not you are wasting your time!

4. The exercises you choose, and the way you pair them with other exercises can also determine how fast or how slow you develop. Choose the right exercises, and you'll see the results in half the time.

Remember, some people who are teaching you how to build muscle, may not be aware that their recipe for added muscle, may not work with your particular genetics.

The most important tip of them all, is found in the informative video below.

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