How To Get Bigger Arms

by Troy Putman
(Benton, AR. U.S.A.)

Question: How to get bigger arms all the way around?

I go to the gym 4 days a week, I work each muscle group once a week. I've been working out for about 5 years now, but just about 5 weeks hard on the weights.

I take creatine and whey protein every day. I see results (as in getting bigger) everywhere except my arms.

I work biceps and triceps on the same day. I've even gained about 6 pounds recently but my arms won't grow, what am I doing wrong?

Here's some things to think about...

How often do you do the same exercises?
Sometimes the muscles become familiar with the same exercises and resist.

How often do you stick with the same repetitions?
By changing how many rep ranges you do, you can target different muscle fibers.

For a week do 6-8, then the next week do 8-10, then the next week do 10-12, repeat.

Super-sets are another good intensity method to change things up. Do a bicep exercise followed by a tricep exercise, rest a minute, then do it again.

Here's a couple effective bicep exercises:
- Barbell curl - Keep hands about shoulder width apart. Barbell curls done with controlled form helps with the mass of the bicep.

- Alternate curls are also good when done on an incline seated bench.

Here's a trick that a lot of guys may over-look:
Drop the weight you would normally do, and make the exercise harder by being more strict with how you perform the exercise.

Instead of just doing the exercise, concentrate on the muscles that are performing the exercise, and move the weight a little slower. Try taking 2 seconds going up 2 seconds going down. See what that does...

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serious hardgainer
by: chris

does this work for hardgainers as well? my arms are very stuborn

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