How to get lean without losing muscle mass

by Steve helms
(St. Genevieve Missouri 63670)

Question: How to get lean without losing muscle mass?

I'm a soon to be 46 year old male. Runner, swimmer, cyclist, and a weight lifter during the winter. I have been working out since graduating high school in 1984. My current physical condition is good, but just can't seem to lose stomach fat.

Last year I experimented with Body Fortress protein powder from Wally World, and I seemed to only get fatter.

Luckily during the spring and summer I was hitting it pretty hard and lost twenty pounds. Current weight 182. My current workout plan now is to take 6 weeks and build up my muscle endurance, then every other day I switch it up and do high rep stuff with 30 second rest periods.

The other days I stay in the range of 8-10 reps two minute rest periods. My goal is get that athletic look, because I don't like looking flabby with no muscle clarity.

My question is, what protein powder is good for me, and how does my workout design look to you guys? Also my calculations say I need 137 grams of protein per day. Could you also suggest a diet?

Answer: A good protein to take is 100% Pure Whey Protein Isolate, from Now Sports.

Your workout routine looks good. It's good to throw in variation, like you have.

A good diet should include lean protein sources, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

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