How To Increase Testosterone

by Berry
(Tulsa, OK)


How to increase testosterone?

I heard you need higher testosterone to build more muscle, or to build muscle faster. How can I increase my testosterone levels without taking things like steroids?

I'm currently 26 years old, and about 200 pounds, but I want to be bigger and stronger! I've never taken anything other than whey protein and creatine, so supplementing with hormones would be the first time.

Is supplementing testosterone a good idea, or is there something else that I could do? Thanks.

People who want to increase their testosterone levels usually go for HGH hormone supplements, growth hormone supplements, DHEA supplements or Tribulus supplements...

But the truth of the matter is this, you do not need to take anything to increase your testosterone levels.

Exercise, by itself, helps increase testosterone levels!

People who supplement with products such as Tribulus, are people who are older, and their testosterone levels are on a rapid decline. But for someone who is 26 years old, testosterone supplementation is the last thing you need.

High testosterone can increase aggression. That can be unpleasant for you, and EVERYONE within 15 feet of you.

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